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Auto Maintenance: Should You Use a Dealer or Independent Shop?

So you’ve walked out of the dealership with the keys to your new car and the first question on your mind is, “Who do I trust to care for the upkeep and maintenance of my vehicle?”

You’re not alone. Every new car owner wrestles with the decision of whether they should take their car to the dealership for maintenance or if an independent shop can be trusted with the work. This article will give you an in-depth look at why we believe independent shops are the way to go.

Save Money on Subaru Maintenance and Repair – And Protect Your Warranty!

When you buy a new Subaru, the warranty offers peace of mind. Even some previously-owned Subarus come with warranty miles or years left. But you don’t want to void your warranty by violating the terms and conditions. But did you know you can have non-warranty maintenance and repairs done at our independent shop while still leaving your warranty intact?

Did you know that you’ll pay an average of 25% (or more) if you have non-warranty maintenance and repairs on your Subaru done at a dealership versus an independent shop? Contact the independent Subaru experts at Suburb Service – we have locations in Marysville and Seattle – we can handle your maintenance and repairs and keep you driving safe.

A warranty doesn’t mean there will be no charges to repair or maintain your vehicle

It would be nice if buying a new car with a warranty meant that you would pay no out of pocket costs to keep your Subaru in perfect condition but that’s not the case. Factory scheduled maintenance, standard maintenance, and non-warranty repairs add up. When you choose an independent shop like Suburb Service, you’ll save 25% or more on out of pocket costs to keep your Subaru in tip-top shape.

Save money by choosing an independent shop

If you have a problem that falls under the warranty, you must show factory scheduled maintenance records for the warranty to cover the work. It’s important to get all required maintenance so you don’t void your warranty. Choosing an independent Subaru service center like Suburb Service keeps your costs lower for scheduled maintenance and protects your warranty so you’ll be fully protected.

A recent AutoMD study found consumer save roughly $300 a year by choosing an independent shop over a dealer for factory maintenance, routine service, and non-warranty repairs. That’s like scoring one free car payment or the equivalent of three nice restaurant meals or front row concert tickets every year. Why would you throw away this money when it’s better spent on other things in your life?

Even minor maintenance is much higher at dealership shops

You may not think twice about pulling into the dealer shop for an oil change, but that can cost you big bucks compared to an independent shop. Dealerships often rely on high profit margins for lower-cost services. Over time, that adds up to big profits for the dealer and a big dent in your wallet. Suburb Service can handle oil changes and standard maintenance for less than the dealer and faster, too.

Family owned shops like Suburb Service rely not on customer volume necessarily but more on their relationship with their customers. Because they are a smaller business they can take the time to add personal touches such as free oil changes and offering customers the use of a free loaner car while theirs is in the shop.

Build trust with your mechanic

Independent shops allow you the opportunity to speak directly to the mechanic doing the work so you can relay your concerns in person. This helps you develop a working relationship with the mechanic and will build a sense of trust that you can rely on for future visits. You wouldn’t trust your health care to just any doctor; you shouldn’t trust your car care to just any mechanic.

What about training, software and tools?

Lastly, you want to make sure that whether you choose a dealership service center or an independent shop that the mechanic servicing your vehicle has top-notch training. Thanks to advancements in online education, mechanics in smaller shops now have access to the same level of training as mechanics in larger, more expensive shops.

What this means is you’re getting the same level of expertise for a lot less money. Independent shops also have access to the same software programs and computerized tools and instruments as the larger shops. So this kind of begs the question, what are you paying more for when you take your vehicle to a dealership?

Don’t worry about your warranty with Suburb Service

When you choose an independent shop like Suburb Service for scheduled maintenance and non-warranty repairs, your warranty stays intact. You’ll be fully covered under your Subaru warranty and save money too. State laws guarantee you can choose the shop you want for scheduled maintenance without voiding the warranty. You get great service at lower prices and all the work is guaranteed.

To find out more about how you can save 25% or more on your non-warranty repairs, factory scheduled maintenance, and routine maintenance on your new or used Subaru, contact Suburb Service. We’re the oldest independent Subaru Service Center in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Customers love us and you will too!

Suburb Service has a high customer satisfaction rating because they are an independent shop that cares about their customers, not just their bottom line. After her visit to Suburb Service Elizabeth H. left this review:

“It felt like Friday Harbor in the sixties when you could walk into the garage at Walrod’s and peer under the hood with the guys. Very enjoyable and reassuring.” Who wouldn’t want an old-school experience like that?

Every time you bring in your Subaru, you’ll see the same smiling faces. We can’t wait to get to know you and your Subaru. Come see us in Marysville or Seattle. Click here to schedule an appointment or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location.