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Does My Subaru Need Snow Tires?

Subaru's are pretty much the best vehicle out there - in our humble opinion. We oughta know, between our personal daily drivers and our free customer service loaners, we have just under 20 incredible Subarus.

Especially those of us, living in the Pacific Northwest and braving the Washington elements, we know the benefits of driving a Subaru.

But although your Subaru is all wheel drive, intelligently made, and has the mechanics of a champ...we will be the first to say that snow tires are definitely worth considering, especially if you hit the slopes and ski or board. On the way up and back, you will encounter snow and ice, and sub 45 degree temps.

Many areas in Washington, whether you're in a city like Seattle or farther out into the country, see ice and snow regularly during the winter,with below freezing road temps, usually with snow and ice accumulation.

Even compared to All Season tires, snow tires will noticeably reduce wheel spin and sliding on slick surfaces.

But if you have "All Season" tires, should you invest in snow tires?

With the added traction and stopping ability, the answer is yes. Lets talk "All Season" tires which are exactly that, created to be able to accommodate all seasons, but not particularly all levels of all seasons.

All Season tires generally work the best in temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. They help in rain, gravel, different terrain. However, when the temperature drops, the rubber they are made from, hardens, making tire traction harder and more dangerous.

Snow tires function optimally below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Reason being, snow tires use a specific rubber compound to stay relatively soft in the cold temperatures so they won't harden or freeze.

The soft tires keep road grip in tact. Road grip is extremely important when you hit that patch of black ice, or are driving home and rain suddenly turns into sleet. However, when the temperature rises about 45 degrees, the tires actually become too soft for the road conditions.

This is why snow tires ARE NOT All Season tires, and are normally added onto your vehicle between the months of October and March.

While Subarus are known to be made for the elements, there is a drastic difference while driving when you've made sure the correct tires are paired for your vehicle and your needs. The best thing to do is bring your Subaru to Suburb Service, and discuss your day to day driving in the winter, as well as expected Winter conditions.

This way, if you decide to move forward with snow tires (which is much more cost effective than possibly fixing damage due to slick roads on your normal tires), we will be able to apply the exact tires best for your Subaru.

Suburb Service has a complete tire service center offering all major brands of tires available

We have the very latest in tire changers and balancing equipment. Our tire technicians are experts in mounting and balancing wheels and tires.

Our tires of choice is Continental. This is a quality international tire with an exceptional roadside hazard warranty plus a 70,000 mile tread warranty. Both of these extended warranties are included free when you purchase a Continental tire.

We believe snow tires are always a wise decision, regardless if you're in pacific northwest, going to or returning back from a day at the ski slopes.

Winter is here, get ready to enjoy all it has to offer safely. No matter what you decide, we are here to help you winterize your Subaru. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location.