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How To Service & When To Replace Spark Plugs

If you woke up this morning to a car that wouldn't start, you're probably frustrated. Your first thought was probably a dead battery-but don't get ahead of yourself. Before you run to the local auto parts store, consider another major cause of a no-start: spark plugs.

What Are Spark Plugs & What Do They Do?

Spark plugs are a fundamental part of your vehicle's motor. In order for your Subaru's engine to start, you must have a spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture within the car's cylinders. Small but mighty, the spark of electricity emitted creates just the right combustion to start your vehicle.

In basic terms, without a spark plug, your car won't start. You won't be going anywhere. And, as experts will tell you, the health of your spark plugs is essential to the health of your vehicle. With a direct link to engine performance, weak or faulty spark plugs can and will lead to problems with your car-so what are you, the Subaru owner, to do?

Signs You Need To Replace Spark Plugs

As the initial tool needed to start your car and keep it running for as long as you desire, spark plugs are an important part to maintain and service regularly. Think your spark plugs are shot? Here's how to know when to replace them.

Sign #1: Your car is hard-starting

If you are experiencing hard-starting, your spark plugs may not be working right. Hard starts or jerks that occur when you turn the ignition is a problem that needs professional attention. If not, it can lead to misfires or erratic performance of your Subaru.

Sign #2: You hear rattling noises

Rattling noises are never, ever a good sign. Often, rattling or knocking noises can be a sign of spark plug failure as they begin to misfire.

Sign #3: You've noticed reduced performance

When your spark plugs are on their last leg, it can take a toll on your car's performance. Spark plugs fire during your entire drive, not only when you start the engine. If the spark plugs aren't firing at 100 percent, you'll experience a slow, inefficient drive.

Sign #4: Your check engine light is on

Often, bad or worn spark plugs can trigger the check engine light in your Subaru. If you notice your Subaru is starting to produce lower engine performance or lower gas mileage and your check engine light is on, it might just be your spark plug wires.

Other Reasons To Replace Spark Plugs

Luckily, spark plugs don't require replacement very often and can go years and many miles before replacement is a must. However, in some cases spark plug replacement might be a good option-and, if you're looking to keep your Subaru at peak performance levels, you might even consider it before it's absolutely vital. Here are two great reasons you might consider replacing your spark plugs before they show signs of wear.

Reason #1: To keep your engine running at peak efficiency levels.

As we mentioned before, spark plugs fire during your entire drive-not only when you start the engine-so if they're not firing at 100 percent, you'll notice. Replacing your spark plugs (even before they give out!) can help your Subaru run at optimal capacity always.

Reason #2: To reduce harmful emissions into the environment.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends regular engine tune-ups-specifically in regards to replacing spark plugs-as a way to reduce your carbon footprint. Well-operating spark plugs help you save gas but also reduce air pollution-which is always a win!

When You Should Service Your Subaru Spark Plugs

Preventative maintenance is the key to a well-operating and reliable Subaru. We recommend having your Subaru regularly serviced every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. When it comes to spark plugs, we recommend having your spark plugs inspected every 30,000 miles-although, if you suspect a problem, you can request spark plug inspection sooner at your regular maintenance check-up.

If you feel that it is time to replace your spark plugs, or we recommend spark plug replacement after your maintenance inspection, the team at Suburb Service is happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Depending on the make and model of your Subaru, spark plug replacement can be very involved or very simple. When you contact Suburb Service about your spark plugs, we can give you a more detailed answer on how long it will take to inspect, service, and replace your Subaru's spark plugs-contact us today for more information!

Choose Suburb Service For Your Spark Plug Replacement Near Seattle, WA

Spark plug replaces can be a little costly, but as we like to say, it's better to pay a little more now than to have a problem later. Spark plug replacement can give you peace of mind that your Subaru is in tip-top shape. If you are having trouble with your Subaru or would like to discuss spark plug replacement with a professional, give us a call today at (206) 705-8695.

At Suburb Service, we are always here to lend a hand to our Subaru owners in Seattle and Lake Forest Park. Our team of professionals can assess your spark plug issues and have you solution in no time. Ready to schedule an appointment for spark plug service? Contact the team at Suburb Service today!