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Is Tire Sidewall Cracking Dangerous?

Cracked tires are no good-and, often, you'll notice sidewall cracks in your tires first. Sidewall cracking is dangerous because it reduces a driver's ability to handle dramatic increases in load when taking corners and increases the possibility of a tire blowout.

Repairing sidewall cracks ASAP is always the best idea. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to have a professional install new tires to help you avoid dangerous situations on icy Seattle roads during the winter months.

Why Do Tires Crack?

Tires can crack for a number of reasons. Age, wear, and exposure to the elements are the most likely causes of cracking in tires. To understand why, you have to think about your tire's materials. Tires are made of rubber, right? Think about how a rubber band would be affected if left outside in wind, rain, hail, and sunlight for years. Then, imagine you ran that rubber band over asphalt every day-think it would wear out quickly? You'd be right. Rubber in your car's tires naturally degrades over time. Being weary of cracks can help you determine when it's time for a new set of tires for your car.

How to Prevent Cracks in Tires

We've covered the obvious reasons for experiencing cracks in tires-but how about prevention? Some sidewall cracks are not due to weather or storage conditions but instead how you drive. Be careful of how you park and drive your vehicle to avoid cracks too. Don't scrape your tires against the curb or leave your car stationary for long periods of time. You can also stay aware of the chemicals you use in tire cleaners. Some may be harsher than others; avoid harsh chemicals to prevent the rubber from drying out or becoming too brittle too soon.

What to Do If Your Notice Sidewall Cracking

If you've noticed your Subaru's tires are experiencing sidewall cracking, don't panic or run out to buy a new set of tires just yet. Instead, have your local Subaru mechanic inspect your tires to determine a course of action. Superficial sidewall cracking may not be an immediate safety concern for your mechanic, but they may recommend more care or better storage for your vehicle. More severe cracks may lead your mechanic to suggest a tire replacement for your safety, especially during the winter.

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