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Never Underestimate the Importance of Your Cars Lights

It's the dark and dismal time of the year in Seattle, Washington to be driving your Subaru. Regardless of where you are in the Pacific Northwest - Bothell, Lynnwood, Mountain Terrace or even downtown Seattle- you need to ask yourself one thing:

Are all your Subaru lights working?

We see a number of Subaru's with one or more lights burnt out when they come into the shop or when we are just driving around. Although this is unsafe anytime, this particular time of year is even worse to drive without the correct lighting.

We are talking headlights, tail lights, fog lights, and brake lights, license plate bulbs. Not only are these incredibly important to allow you to see correctly and safely as you navigate driving, but they also allow you to be seen. Lights, in the hazy, dim, rainy, dark days, are the biggest reason you are able to avoid accidents.

You notice you have one light burnt out, and reason that it's not a big deal since the rest are working. However, don't take your time to replace the bulb - one missing light increases your hazard chance immensely.

Other drivers may see your one light in the dark, or fog, and mistake you for a motorcycle which causes them to misjudge the space around you. This is a recipe for a head on collision or worse.

Lights are the vehicles form of communication

Each has its own function and language. Your blinkers speak when they need to turn, your brights are used when cars are more than 150 meters away or signal for distress,your tail lights allow the car behind you to see you, and most important your brake lights warn those behind you to slow down. In order to communicate effectively, they must be well maintained.

Maintenance is easy

You can do an easy light check once a week, if not daily - only taking less than two minutes of your time while saving yourself not only a ticketable offense by the police, but also the safety and wellbeing of yourself and others.

Suburb Service stocks only the correct and quality lamps and bulbs for your Subaru

To ensure you are well prepared and taken care of as you hit the streets. From headlights to tail lights and all the bulbs in between, we have what you need. With a quick replacement, you can take another step towards the safety of you and your family. You may ask assistance for Subaru Maintenance from authorized dealers or independent service providers.

Show your Subaru some love and stop by for a quick light check and replacement of any bad bulbs. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location.