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New Year's Car Resolution

It's officially 2018, and if you're like most people, you have a list of resolutions that are well on their way (right...?) You're killing it at the gym, eating amazing salads, and working hard for that promotion. But we are here to remind you about your Subaru!

Just like you're adding self care to your new year routine, think about another way you can care for yourself, by caring for your car. Maybe you're someone who doesn't notice when they're in need of a tune up, or puts off new tires for as long as possible. What if this year was different?

We put together some simple ways to hop on the prevention train and care for your vehicle on a whole new level in 2018

Resolution #1 - Keep up with car fluid changes

Stay ahead of the game with oil changes, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. Make sure you are tracking the distance and time on your oil changes, as well as paying attention to the oil level to catch any signs of leaks.

Every few oil changes, have your brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid checked. If these are up to snuff and never left to assume they are fine, you'll always be on the prevention side of any fluid caused issue.

You don't want to be stuck on the side of the road in the vast Pacific Northwest due to something silly, like no oil!

Resolution #2 - Keep tabs on your tires

Always stay up to date on the condition of your tires. This means adding air in them periodically when the pressure begins to decrease, and checking the tread to make sure they are still worthy of use. During your oil change, have your tires rotated to ensure balanced usage on all four tires, making their life span as long as possible.

Resolution #3 - Car hygiene

For most, their vehicle is practically a second home. When your home is messy, how does that make you feel? Not very comfortable, right? Same with your vehicle. Keeping your car clean is not only caring for your car, but also caring for you and your passengers.

On a practical level, the cleaner you keep your car, the more value the car may have when you decide you want to upgrade or move to another Subaru. Speaking of car hygiene, did you know that bacteria will grow in the evaporator box that holds your heater core?

You might experience a film on the inside of your windshield, we can clear this up and help you and your car breathe better.

Resolution #4 - Schedule regular checkups

Sure, some things will be routinely checked during your oil change. But be sure to schedule a regular checkup every 6 -9 months to be on the front end of any other parts that need some love. You could catch an issue early, preventing a catastrophic problem (and fee).

If you do see a warning signal (i.e. check engine light), take action right away. The goal is to never get to that point, but if you do, absolutely do not put off bringing your car in for inspection and get help from Subaru maintenance and repair from authorized or independent service providers.

Resolution #5 - Drive Smarter

Listen, we all have ways we can improve our driving for our vehicles health. Some of the best ways are really so simple,but we just don't think to do them. For example, it's winter - so, it's a really great idea to let your car warm up for a few minutes before taking it out on the road.

It's kind of like sleeping outside and then instantly putting your body through a sprint - it doesn't feel good. Just like a body, the car's mechanics need to "wake up" and get their juices flowing for a more fluid drive.

In that same way, you don't want to let your car run idle for longer than necessary - this just burns up your fuel. Be mindful about how long you car is sitting idle when you are running errands or picking up a friend - it might be better to just turn it off for a few minutes.

Lastly, accelerate and brake gently. When you slam on the acceleration or brakes, it puts a lot of stress on your vehicle. Save your future parts by treating your current ones well.

2018 is a fresh new year. When you take care of what you have, you create space for more. Take care of your Subaru, and avoid adding unnecessary headaches to your year, so you can channel your energy into the things you really love.

If you aren't sure where to start, reach out to us! We will be happy to give your Subaru a thorough inspection to set you on the preventative path. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some winter love.