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Subaru Overheating Problems? Here are

Subaru check engine light. Subaru transmission errors. Subaru head gasket problems.

When you own a car, it seems like the issues just never end. And if you house a Subaru in your garage, you might be dealing with a number of troubling problems depending on the model of your car and the year it was manufactured. But Subaru parts, even the ones that malfunction and eventually give out because of too much wear and tear, can be replaced. In the most ideal situations, all you need to replace are the parts themselves - not the entire car.

3 FAQ's About Subaru Overheating Problems

That's why we've put together this FAQ list of three commonly asked questions about overheating problems in Subaru models. If you've paid attention to the auto world, you know that engine problems are typically some of the most persistent ones plaguing Subarus on the road today. But hopefully, this can provide you with a little peace of mind.

Which Subaru models have reported problems?

Though head gasket issues have been known to plague a vast number of Subarus regardless of make, model or year, the most commonly afflicted have been the Impreza, Legacy and Outback models manufactured between 1999 and 2004. That's because they all share the same 2.5-liter SOHC engine. Typically, a car experiencing Subaru head gasket problems will suffer from frequent engine overheating, loss of engine coolant without a noticeable leak, or the discovery of a black-colored coolant in the recovery chamber.

What are the other warning signs of faulty head gaskets?

Pay attention to the color of the smoke that's emitting from your tailpipe. White billowing smoke - instead of the typical dark black fumes - can mean coolant has seeped into your exhaust, and often that's due to a cracked or faulty head gasket. Additionally, if you've found you've had to refill the radiator with great frequency, it might signal a crack in your head gasket. In order to find out for sure, take your car into a shop where certified mechanics can look at your Subaru genuine parts and see, exactly, what the problem is.

What can be done about the Subaru head gasket problems?

As frightening as it is to deal with an overheating car, the repair is nothing particularly complicated. That doesn't mean it's a cheap fix, however, but good shops and repair services will back up their work with parts and labor guarantees. Most of the issues can be traced back to faulty head gaskets, which are in charge of circulating the coolant needed in order to prevent the engine from getting too hot. When they fail, they allow air bubbles into the circulation system, effectively rendering the cooling system moot. But fixing head gasket problems is fairly common for Subaru vehicles, meaning most professionals are well-equipped to handle the job.

Again, every car is different, which means it's hard to diagnose a problem just from reading about it online. The best way to handle your prospective repairs is to bring it into a professional mechanic shop and have the experts take a look.