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The Importance of Windshield Wipers for Safe Driving

The rainy season is upon us in Seattle, Washington. This is the time of year right after the freezing temperatures and ice storms, when ice turns to rain and continues with the muddy decent. During this time, you need a really clear windshield while driving your Subaru, to ensure the safety of your family.

Windshield wipers are one of the most underrated part of a vehicle, yet directly affect the vehicles functionality and safety. Those little guys are a lifeline when the weather is anything but clear skies.

As small as they are, it's majorly important to keep them up to date and in pristine shape so they can do their job when called upon. How do you know when it's time to switch them out for a new pair?

While you're driving, pay attention to how they perform. Do you notice any blurred or streaky vision when it rains? Do your wipers make squeaking noises while they work to clear water from the glass? Are they in such bad shape that they are skipping whole parts of the glass that needs cleared, leaving debris behind? If so, it's definitely time for new blades.

During these coming seasons in the Pacific Northwest, your wipers are faced with rain and grit constantly; they take a real beating! Not only does the grit from the road destroy the wiping surface of your blades, bit the the blades themselves also grind the grit into the surface of your windshield possibly scratching and damaging the glass.

When you notice anything less than a perfect swipe, they're worth changing. Suburb Service stock the correct quality wipers for you Subaru, so you won't have to change them more often than necessary. (Wiper manufacturers suggest switching them out twice a year.) Between the wiper changes, try cleaning them with a alcohol wipe.

Buy the little packets and keep them in your glove box, you will be amazed at all the dirt you clean off. Keep your windshield clean also using alcohol. Do you have pits in your windshield? This will destroy your wipers.

We will install all wipers while you wait, only taking a few minutes. And no worries if you find yourself needing wipers immediately - no appointment is necessary so you can come right when you need them and expect the best results

Have you had your wipers changed recently? Are you prepared for the coming rain? Suburb Service stocks the right parts for your Subaru.

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