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Top 4 Car Tricks For Winter Months

When it comes to driving, winter can be a scary time of year. You have to worry about snow, ice, hail, and distracted drivers hustling around during the holidays. We want to make the season a little easier for our favorite Subaru owners-here are our top 4 car tricks for winter months.

4 Winter Car Hacks to Make the Season Brighter

1. Keep an ice scraper on hand.

First and foremost, you should always keep an ice scraper in your trunk or glove box. On a cold, snowy day in Seattle, you might need it to scrape off snow or ice from the windshield before heading into work.

2. Raise your windshield wipers overnight.

Don't have a garage? Parking your car outside for the night? Check the weather and be ready for the snow, ice, or wind chill. If you know it's going to snow or inclimate weather is imminent, consider raising your windshield wipers overnight. This will keep them from getting buried under snow and frozen to your windshield.

3. Keep kitty litter in your trunk.

Don't have cats? You should probably keep kitty litter in your trunk anyway. Invest in a 20-lb bag of kitty litter and leave it in the trunk. Weighing down the back tires of a rear-wheel drive car will give you a little more weight for better traction. On snowy roads, this will help ground your rear tires over snowy roads.

4. Make your own washer fluid.

From salt on the roads to extreme weather conditions, your windshield takes on a lot in the winter. With that, you're probably going to go through windshield washer fluid very quickly in the winter. The best solution? Make your own washer fluid. Simply fill a large bottle with a gallon of water. Mix in a single tablespoon of dish soap, a half cup of vinegar, and a drop of blue dye.

Have a frozen windshield? Need to create your own de-icer? Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol too. Want more information? Here's the best windshield washer fluid hack to make winter easy.

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