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Top Six Best Scenic Views Near Seattle

Whether your a Seattlite by birth, here by way of relocation, or just visiting, you can't deny the beauty of summertime in the city. Summer in Seattle is something to fawn over. With so many things to do-like shopping at Pike Place Market, lounging at the beach, or sipping a cup o' Joe at the original Starbucks-you can't go wrong.

Our favorite summertime activity? Exploring the best scenic views in Seattle to take in the beauty of our city and its surrounding nature. Sure, you could go to the top of the Space Needle to get a scenic view of the city, but any good Seattleite knows there are plenty of hidden lookouts where you can take in the city's beauty.

Here, we've tracked down the best places to find scenic views in Seattle. So grab your best pal, climb into your Subaru, and take a drive. Just don't forget your phone-there's no doubt you'll want to snap a few pics of the city's best scenic views!.

Where Are The Best Scenic Views Near Seattle?

Seattle, Alki Beach by Jeff Gunn is licensed under CC 2.0

Alki Point

Jutting out into Puget Sound, Alki Point is the ideal place for one looking for a scenic view of Seattle's waterfront. At Alki Beach Park, you'll be able to take in Seattle's beauty with views starting at the Olympic Mountains and extending to downtown in the east. As the sun sets in the west, you'll be able to capture stunning views of the Seattle sunset over the water if you head to Alki Point just before dusk.

Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal by Rob Bertholf is licensed under CC 2.0

Bell Street Pier + Waterfront

Right on Pier 66, the Bell Street Pier rooftop deck is positioned with the perfect view of Seattle's waterfront. Offering one of the best scenic views in the heart of Seattle, Bell Street Pier is still very much a hidden gem. Want to spend a Saturday afternoon like a local? Have a lovely picnic on the rooftop deck and soak up the sun this summer!

South Bluff Discovery Park December by Seattle Parks licensed under CC 2.0

Discovery Park Bluff

If you're looking to escape the city, Discovery Park Bluff is the perfect waterfront destination. Head down the trails to the lighthouse-if you're lucky, you might just spot a seal lounging on the shore. When the weather is nice, this quiet, peaceful beach offers one of Seattle's best scenic views.

Hamilton Viewpoint Park, Seattle by Tiffany Von Arnim licensed under CC 2.0

Hamilton Viewpoint Park

Positioned right on the water, Hamilton Viewpoint Park allows you to see Seattle's natural beauty alongside its urban development. Of all Seattle's spots to capture scenic views, Hamilton Viewpoint Park will present you with the perfect view of the Cascade Mountains. For the best photos, have your tripod set-up just before sunrise.

From Louisa Boren Park by Brad Greenlee licensed under CC 2.0

Louisa Boren Lookout

The scenic views at the Louisa Boren Lookout do not disappoint. Here you can catch a panorama of Lake Washington and the Cascades. But what Seattleites love most about Louisa Boren Park is that it's the absolute best place in Seattle to catch a sunset over Lake Washington. Grab a blanket, someone you love, and head out to catch some scenic views for the ultimate romantic date night.

Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park by David Herrera is licensed under CC 2.0

Kerry Park

Looking for skyline views? You'll find them at Kerry Park. Well-known to locals and tourists alike, Kerry Park is the ideal spot for scenic views of Seattle's skyline. From this spot, you'll be able to point out downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, the Pacific Ocean, and Mount Rainier. If you're looking for the perfect spot to take your Instagram-worthy vacation photo, Kerry Park is the place to be.

Take Your Subaru To See Seattle's Best Scenic Views

Living in the Pacific Northwest is quite a treat. With all of these beautiful spots to take in Seattle's best scenic views, you should consider yourself lucky. Ready to head out to one today? Grab a friend and hit the road-you've got so much to explore!

Thankfully, your Subaru can take you there. Planning to check out one of these scenic views? Make sure your Subaru is in good health first. If your check engine light is on or your brakes need to be replaced, be sure to schedule an appointment with Suburb Service before your big adventure.

Having troubles with your Subaru? Our team is always here to help. Schedule an appointment at Suburb Service by clicking here, or simply call us at (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.