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Why Car Batteries Die

Car batteries die, it happens. As annoying as it can be, it's one of the easiest, quickest things to fix if you have to have a repair! Usually, you can replace the battery on your own, or for minimal cost. But why does the battery die in the first place? We know everything has a lifespan (even on a Subaru), nothing lasts forever. Eventually, the battery will die, it's unavoidable. But knowing what causes the battery to die, may help you prolong its life in the long run.

We put together some of the most common causes for why car batteries die

Headlights or Dome Lights Left On

Yes, this is a simple user error. Yet, it happens all the time! Even for those of us living in Washington, having the experience of the outdoors and motor vehicles, make this error. When you accidentally leave on your headlights, or even a very dim dome light, this bit of constant power left on (especially overnight!) will drain your battery. It's much easier to see when the lights are left in the dark, but if you park your car at dusk or in broad daylight, make sure you double check your lights.

Triple check the dome lights if you're chauffeuring kids around in your Subaru - they tend to enjoy playing with the knobs and switches while in the back seat. Some headlights are even designed to stay on for a bit, but every once in awhile the system could malfunction, leaving them on until the battery dies. Make sure they turn off, before you walk away.

Corroded or Loose Battery Connections

Corroded battery connections can interrupt and even prevent the charging system from constantly filling the battery with power when you are driving. Your Subaru battery charges AS you use the vehicle. If the charge is prevented...well, you know what happens. Check your connecting wires and clamps to make sure they look nice and clean, as well as fully connected. Even a loose connection can cause your battery to lose it's juice. If you see corrosion and are due for a tune up, bring your vehicle in so you can have those connections replaced.

Extremely Hot or Cold Temperatures

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get the best of both worlds. When it's cold, it's COLD. Yet, we still have a nice, warm, luscious summer. Living through all the elements, especially depending on where you are (i.e. the coast or the mountains), can wear down your battery more than you may know. The hot or cold weather itself won't kill the battery, but if the battery is already weak or already has an underlying issue, then they may tip the scale towards battery failure.

Whether you're in Seattle, or out in the country, you don't want to get stuck with a dead battery. Having your vehicle inspected before the major seasonal weather changes is always a great idea to stay ahead of the game. If your battery does die, most the time a simple jump will get you up and going again. But if you know you're heading away from other vehicles, make sure to have a self jump box in your trunk, just in case. If you know you won't be driving your Subaru for awhile, be sure to have someone start it occasionally to keep the battery charged and working efficiently.

No matter your battery issues, we are always here to help. If you come to a point where your battery keeps dying, definitely bring your Subaru to us to resolve the problem. Yes, the issue could be as simple as changing the battery, but it could also be another factor or part of the vehicle that is not communicating to the battery correctly.

No matter what, though, we will have you back on the roads, hassle free, in no time. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.