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Winter Driving Tips in the PNW

That's right, it's time to talk about snow and ice. Get ready for the Pacific Northwest winter by making sure your Subaru is serviced, tires are checked aired and ready, and you have all the tips you need to handle winter driving.

By being prepared, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your surroundings with your family and friends. With holiday parties on the horizon, arriving safely is a must with Washington winter weather conditions.

Driving from Seattle to the Kirkland, Kenmore, or over the mountains to Grandma's house, you need to be prepared for unexpected weather.

We have key winter driving tips for you to keep in mind while you drive, to ensure you arrive hassle free

What's the forecast look like?

Before taking off in your Subaru, check the local weather report, as well as the weather report of your destination. Make your decision based on weather conditions - sometimes, it's just not worth the risk.

Scrape scrape scrape your subie

If you decide to continue with your plans, make sure you remove all snow and ice from the car. Not only from the windows and windshield, but also the hood. Ice and snow can dislodge itself while you drive causing impaired vision or worse.

Slow down

Drive according to the road conditions, not the speed limit. Regardless of the speed limit, if road conditions permit slower driving, you can still get pulled over for reckless driving.

Follow the Boy Scout motto

Make sure you keep your Subaru stocked with emergency items such as: food, water, blankets, flashlight, road flares, cables or chains. Hopefully, you will never need these! However, if you ever get into a situation, you will be so glad you were prepared.

Fill "er up

Keep your gas tank always on the top 1/2. It costs no more to run on the top 1/2 than the bottom 1/2. This will ensure you never get stuck on empty on the side of the road due to weather conditions causing driving delays or detours.

Also, when temperatures drop below freezing, it is possible for gas to freeze if your tank is near empty. You might just be surprised how fast your gas is used while sitting in traffic.

If you turn on your wipers, turn on your lights

If it is currently snowing, sleeting, raining - always drive with your lights on.

Don't use cruise control

Never use cruise control during poor weather conditions. You never know when you need to slow down or come to a complete stop - cruise control will keep you at a high speed regardless of the road condition. It's just not wise.

Braking tips

If you are behind a utility vehicle or semi truck, stay 15 car lengths behind them. You never know if they will hit a patch of black ice, and you don't want to be near by if they do.
If you are on slippery roads, be conservative with your brakes. Drive slowly, and only brake before turning, not during the turn. Wait until you are straightened out again to apply acceleration.

If you still happen to slip and slide on the ice, let your foot off the brake and turn your steering wheel into the direction your Subaru is going. By letting your foot off the brake you are letting the wheels gain traction, instead of sliding across the ice like a stationary object.

Let us inspect your Subaru, get a FREE ice scraper!

Your safety is our main priority. If you have any concerns about your Subaru, we want to help you get squared away before the weather changes. We have many more tips, and would love to help you prepare so you can fully enjoy the season without crisis.

How about making an appointment for Suburb Service to check your Subaru BEFORE you take the trip? If you make a pre trip service appointment we will give you a free premium ice scraper/ brush (while supplies last) Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location.