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3 Weird Subarus That Made The Brand An American Favorite

Subaru is a household name in the USA. Americans love a good, dependable ride-and most Subaru models are known for being safe, functional vehicles. They last almost a lifetime (no seriously, a well-maintained Subaru is capable of going for 300,000 miles or more!) and they've even been named one of the "Safest Vehicles For Pets'. If you're buying a family car these days, Subaru is probably (most likely!) on the list.

However, Subaru wasn't always the car brand to know-and it wasn't always so mainstream. When the brand first broke into the American market, it brought a variety of weird and unconventional car models to the table-bizarre coupes, odd SUVs and after-thought seat installations were not uncommon. Now, let's take a drive down memory lane-here are four of our favorite weird Subaru models of the past.

1969 Subaru 360 by Alden Jewell is licensed under CC 2.0

Subaru 360

What looks like the knock-off version of a Volkswagen Beetle, the Subaru 360 wasn't the finest car of its decade. It was small (tiny, even, in comparison to what was on America's roads at the time), but cheap. Priced at only $1,297 (in 1968), the Subaru 360 quite often joined muscles cars on the streets. Not tough, but pretty darn cute.

Subaru Brat by Jacob Frey 4A is licensed under CC 2.0

Subaru Brat

In the 1970s, small pickup trucks were all the rage. Subaru, up until this point, has focused a lot of their attention on cars and SUVs-not trucks. The Subaru Brat was the first of its kind-a crossover between a small pickup truck and an SUV. It wasn't a purpose built pickup truck, it was something different. You see, the Brat sat two people up front in the cabin and two people in the bed of the "truck". The extra seats kept Subaru from having to pay the American chicken tax (a 25% tariff on small imported trucks). Fun fact? The extra seats were added after the fact to avoid the tax-a business, not design, move from Subaru's HQ.

2003 Subaru Baja by Greg Gjerdingen is licensed under CC 2.0

Subaru Baja

In 2003, Subaru took a drive on the wildside once again when it launched the Baja. It wasn't a traditional truck, though-more of a pickup-car hybrid. The design was quirky and the two-toned hues they chose for the exterior were even more peculiar, but somehow the Baja made a name for itself. Buyers, at the time, we're particularly fond of the car-but Subaru lovers look back on it with a bit of nostalgia.

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