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4 Car Myths That Make No Sense (And Some That Are Actually True)

You've heard some pretty wonky things about cars. Whether it came from a close friend or a relative, you're inclined to believe them because they're your people-but what's true and what's not? We're here to help bust 4 car myths that are totally false (plus, clue you in on a few that sound made-up but are actually true!).

4 Car Myths That Are Just That: A Myth!

Premium fuel will help my car's performance

Premium gas is more expensive, but that doesn't make it better. It's actually designed for particular cars that need less combustible fuel. In your normal car, it won't make any difference.

Large SUVs are safer than small cars

Don't let this one give you a false sense of security. Large SUVs are no safer than smaller cars-just because you're bigger doesn't make you better.

You need an oil change every 3,000 miles

Once upon a time, cars needed frequent oil changes...but modern cars have upgraded technology. Modern engines can go up to 10,000 miles before taking it into the shop-although we recommend getting an oil change for your Subaru every 5,000 miles for optimal performance.

You need to "warm-up" your car during the winter

Seattle winters can get pretty chilly, and you've probably heard that you need to let your car "warm-up" before taking off. You don't want to shock the engine because it's too cold, right? Not anymore. It's actually bad for a newer car to let it idle-so go ahead and take off.

What Common "Car Myths" Are Actually True?

Topping off gas will damage your gas tank

If your gas tank is full, don't top it off. Gas topping can damage your car's vapor collection system-which is designed to reduce harmful emissions. Topping off your tank isn't environmentally friendly...and it can cause your car to run poorly.

Holding your key close to your head will double as a signal finder

This sounds completely bonkers...but it's actually true. Turns out, the fluids in your head are a nice conductor for signal. Next time you can't seem to lock your car, hold your remote key to your chin and press the button. Works like magic.

You can drive quite the distance on empty

This one is true on a technicality. You can drive pretty far when the gas hand hits "E'...if you drive the right car. If you're driving a Ford, you may only have about 30 miles to find a gas station. Thankfully, you drive a Subaru-and a Subaru Forester (and many of our other models!) can putter along 60+ miles with the fuel gauge on low. So, when you're checking out Seattle's scenic views, you can count on your Subaru to get you home safely.

Count On Suburb Service to Steer You In The Right Direction

At Suburb Service, we want all of our Subaru drivers to be well-informed. Knowing what's a myth and what's not can save you from a lot of car confusion. Having a problem with your Subaru? Need a regular maintenance check-up? Contact Suburb Service online today-we take care of Subaru owners in and around the Seattle area. Or, simply call us at (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.