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4 Phone Apps That Will Make Driving Easier

Driving in Seattle can be a pain, no? From heavy traffic to road construction, you're sure to run into something funky on your commute everyone once in awhile. Thankfully, technology can help. Here are 5 phone apps to make driving easier and safer.

1. Google Maps

Need to navigate from point A to point B? Google Maps has you covered. More advanced than the map apps already installed on your iPhone or Android, this map app can give directions, real-time traffic data, and remember your parking location. If your normal commute route is experiencing heavy traffic or there's construction, Google Maps will automatically calculate you a faster route to your destination.

2. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a free phone app that can help you find the cheapest gas in your area fast. Use your current location to identify inexpensive gas right around you, or type in your home's zip code to discover gas prices close to your house.

3. will help you stay connected on long trips and avoid getting a distracted driving ticket. The app reads your text messages and emails aloud for you and automatically responds without you ever having to touch your phone. If you're a busy guy or gal that spends a lot of time on road trips, this is the app for you.

4. Find My Car

Parking in the city can be a hassle. Remembering where you parked your car in the parking lot after a long meeting or trip to Walmart can be even worse. Find My Car is an app that will save the location of your parking spot and guide you back to the spot at a later time. Simple, free, and easy-to-use, this app is a must.

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