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6 Cold Weather Tips to Keep Pets Warm in Seattle

Baby, it's cold outside-and you really can't leave your pets in the car unattended. Winter in Seattle can be brutal on man's best friend in more ways than one. Want to keep your furry friends comfy and cozy this winter?

Here are our best cold weather tips to keep pets warm-even on the go!

1. Let pets inside your home.

Inclement weather is inevitable in winter and your pets will need shelter to stay safe. Even when you leave the house, keep your pets indoors. Supervised walks and play time is recommended, but remember that it's best to bring them inside before night when temperatures drop.

2. Don't leave pets in the car alone.

For your pet's health and safety, you should never leave them in the car alone. Pets with short hair can get cold easily and water bowls can freeze if the temperature drops even a little. Plus, in the state of Washington, it's a civil infraction to leave your pets in the car unattended. Any animal control officer or police officer who sees your pet is suffering from exposure to the cold, lack of ventilation, or lack of water can enter your vehicle to remove them.

3. Invest in a few cozy sweaters.

Does your pet have a short coat? Cozy sweaters and doggy coats might be a great option. You can find inexpensive options for winter pet outfits on Amazon-of course, pulling this off varies from pet to pet.

4. Don't groom to excess.

Dogs (and cats!) need their fur in the winter to stay warm. Even indoor animals appreciate the extra layer during the cold months of the year. When taking them for a trim, make sure the groomer knows to leave extra fur this time of year.

5. Keep them on a leash.

If at all possible, keep your pets on a leash when letting them outdoors during the winter. You never want them to run out into the roadways or get lost in the cold. In snow or ice, dogs can easily lose their scent. If you want to be super cautious, make sure that all of your pets are micro-chipped and that their microchip registration is kept up to date. If they do get lost, this will make it a bit easier to find them!

6. Be cautious when starting your car.

During the winter, you have to watch out for other's pets, too. Outdoor cats and small dogs (or lost animals) might find comfort in your car's tailpipe or behind a tire. Many lost outdoor pets use cars as shelter during cold winter nights-so make sure to be cautious before starting your car. Before you drive off, always check under your car for cats or small creatures. Even banging on the hood can help scare off a sleeping pet.

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