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6 Things to Do with Your Car While You’re Stuck at Home

Stay-at-home notices and shelter-in-place orders have taken effect across the United States starting last week. As social distancing becomes the new normal, you likely have begun looking for the next project to keep you occupied. While some have turned to gardening or fixing up the house, others have finally started to knock out the unread books on their shelves. Today, we're going to talk about all of the things you can do with your car while you're stuck at home, too.

6 Things to Do with Your Car During a Stay-at-Home Order

1. Start your car regularly.

Ask yourself: when was the last time I cranked my car? If you can't remember, go do it now. As car owners sit at home waiting out the pandemic, cars, trucks and SUVs are sitting idle. For some drivers, this can result in a dead battery, which is the last thing you need when it's time to go out to pick up dinner or groceries.

2. Wash and wax the exterior.

With spring, pollen tags along...and it tends to leave its mark on your car first.Take time to wash and wax the exterior of your car this weekend. All you need is a hose, some car wash liquid, and a brush. If you don't have car wash items on hand, you'll surely find some online or for pick-up at your local Target or Walmart for drive-up pick-up.

3. Deep clean the inside.

Giving your car a good cleaning is a dream for busy individuals. With hectic work, school, and parenting schedules, we totally understand why a clean floorboard can be on the back burner. Now that you have more time at home, take a hand vacuum to the interior. You'll thank us later.

4. Rotate your tires.

Have some handy experience with cars? If you know what you're doing, rotating your tires can be easy and help extend their life. If you've bought winter tires last year, you could also use this time to replace them with new tires for the spring and summer months.

5. Give it an at-home tune-up.

Again, if you're handy with cars, you might find yourself tinkering around in the garage. During this time, top off your oil and fluids to gear up your car for spring. Test all of your cars features and take notes for what you could work on or replace while you're stuck at home.

6. Take it into the local shop, if absolutely necessary.

Suburb Service is doing everything possible to continue service for your Subaru. We realize you need your vehicle ready to roll at any time, and we're here for you through this challenging time. If you need a repair service, or even an oil change, we've made changes to accommodate your service needs that follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. To read more about how we plan to serve our Subaru customers during this time, click here.

Suburb Service: How We're Taking Care of our Seattle Customers During COVID-19

Even during these trying times, the team at Suburb Service is doing everything possible to continue offering service for your Subaru. To learn more about how Suburb Service is keeping you (and your Subaru!) safe during COVID-19, visit our notice page. To make a maintenance appointment or to schedule a repair service, contact us today. Show your Subaru some love.