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6 Ways You Could be Killing Your Subaru

Auto care isn't always a top priority for car owners...but it should be. Owning a Subaru (or any car, really!) can be a blessing or a curse. Depending on how often and how well you maintain your vehicle, you could run it for years with no issues-or you could find yourself in an expensive heap of repairs. Want to avoid a breakdown or malfunction? Create good auto care and maintenance habits-and avoid these 6 ways you could be killing your car!

Here Are 6 Ways You Could be Killing Your Subaru

Wondering what's killing your Subaru? Here are 6 things you should stop doing right now if you want your Subaru to perform optimally.

Ignoring the check engine light

Ignoring your check engine light is good for no one. Get it checked out-even if it's a false alarm, you can have your mechanic turn off the light and assure you that nothing is wrong. And, if something has gone awry, having your car checked ASAP can save you from further damage (and more costly repairs!) down the road.

Failing to change fluids and filters

Keeping up to date with oil changes and filter replacements helps your car run as it should. Checking fluid levels and filters regularly helps to ensure dependability and extends the life of your Subaru. Failing to do so could mean car failure or a shortened lifespan.

Avoiding maintenance appointments

Subaru vehicles (no matter the make or model) need to be routinely serviced. You may think if you're not getting a tire rotation or oil change you can avoid maintenance, but that's not a good idea. Routine inspections allow a professional to point out problems and spot worn out parts before they become major issues.

Not adhering to cold-weather tips

Living in a cold-winter area can make car ownership even more difficult. And, knowing how to care for your Subaru in the dead of winter is so important. Do you know one major problem car owners face in winter? Frozen windshield washer fluid. To avoid this (and to keep your car's windshield wipers safe) add rubbing alcohol to your washer bottle. It's the quickest, most fool-proof solution-and is a cold-weather tip Seattle drivers can benefit from!

Failing to wash your car regularly

One way you can kill your Subaru's exterior? Failing to wash your car regularly. When you fail to wash your Subaru, you'll notice a buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt. Road salt, especially, is a culprit for vehicle rust which can shorten your Subaru's lifespan.

Driving too recklessly

Do you wait until the last second to brake at traffic lights? Do you take turns too quickly? Driving recklessly can take years off your Subaru's life simply because of wear and tear. For example, when you drive your Subaru around a corner too fast, you're putting unnecessary strain on your tires, suspension, steering, and brakes. Why risk it? Simply slow down and drive with ease.

Suburb Service is Seattle's Trusted Subaru Technician

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