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7 Tips For The New Seattle Driver

As a new resident to the beautiful city of Seattle, you're going to want to learn a few things before settling in. First and foremost, driving in Seattle can leave you a little confused. With over 700,000 people covering only 83.78 square miles (and that's only the people that live here!), it's sure to be a different experience.

Are you new to Seattle? Just now getting your driver's license?

Here are our 7 tips for the new Seattle driver to keep you safe on the road

1. Always leave for your commute a few minutes early

Compared to other major cities, driving in Seattle is much less stressful. Drivers in Seattle are generally polite and cautious. However, you still want to give yourself time to get where you're going. If you don't, you might find yourself in a bit of tough spot with traffic and the stress of not arriving on time-especially if you're a new Seattle driver!

2. Driving in the rain can be a challenge.

On average, Seattle experiences rain 152 days out of the year-but don't let our reputation for wet weather fool you. Even the most experienced Seattle drivers loathe the rainy days. Expect heavy traffic and delays when the clouds start to form.

3. Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks.

In Seattle, pedestrians expect that you'll stop for them at crosswalks-and you should everywhere! To avoid any confusion, make sure to watch pedestrian lights as well as traffic lights, especially if you're making a left or right turn.

4. Watch out for four-way stops.

Other cities have traffic lights; Seattle has its fair share of four-way stops. While it's definitely something to get used to, four-way stops are actually pretty easy for new Seattle drivers to navigate. Just follow the first-come, first-serve rule of the road: the first car to arrive at the intersection receives the right of way.

5. Don't miss your turn.

As a new Seattle driver, make sure you're cautious and paying attention to the GPS. Missing a turn could result in driving down a few more blocks or, worse, accidentally turning onto a one-way street. Seattle natives are used to the one-ways-you are not yet accustomed, so be extra careful!

6. Expect to pay for parking.

Parking in Seattle is almost never free of charge. Almost all parking in Seattle requires payment, even if you're parking on the street. Don't forget this as the fine for non-payers can range from a parking ticket to a tow bill. Pro tip: Downtown Seattle offers free street parking on Sundays-make plans to check out this area then!

7. You'll notice a lot of other Subaru drivers.

Since you're new to the area, you're probably wondering if you're losing your mind-you keep seeing the same car brand (Subaru!) everywhere you look. It appears that everyone in Seattle drives a Subaru...turns out, you're not crazy. One out of every 10 car owners in the Seattle area owns a Subaru. And, Seattle is second, only to Spokane, Washington, as the city with the most Subaru owners!

New Seattle Drivers Choose Suburb Service in WA

As a new Seattle driver, it might take you some time to figure out the one-way roads, the crazy morning commutes, and the parking fees. It shouldn't take that long to figure out the best place to take your Subaru. At Suburb Service, we offer pleasant customer care for any and all Subaru drivers in and around Seattle, Washington. If you're new to the area, give us a call-(206) 705-8695-we'd be happy to take a look at your Subaru for a regular tune-up or to help you fix a problem.

Schedule an appointment with Suburb Service today-or check out our other blogs on How To Wash Your Subaru Like A Pro or Top Friendly Dog Hikes Near Seattle.