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Airbag Safety Check: Fraud, Theft, and Recycling

When you are in an automobile accident, your car's airbags are the first line of defense. However, you have to keep your car and its features well-maintained if you want to protect yourself and your passengers from harm. Here, we'll explain how airbags work and share general guidelines to keep you safe.

How Do Airbags Work?

Airbags are designed to deploy when the vehicle suspects you are in an accident. In most cases, this happens when the accelerometer detects a rapid change in speed. Typically, they are signaled during a moderate to severe crash and help to reduce any damage to the body.

How to Ensure Safe Airbag Deployment

To ensure your airbags deploy safety, our independent Subaru repair shop of Seattle has compiled a list of tips and tricks for Subaru drivers.

Keep your seat away from the wheel.

Do you have a tendency to scrunch up over the wheel? While this might feel like you're more in control of the car, it's actually quite dangerous to drive so close to the airbags. Always make sure your driver's seat is at least 10 inches from the steering wheel. If you're sitting much closer, you could get injured more easily in an accident.

Adjust your steering wheel.

It's not just the seat you need to worry about-you'll also want to consider your wheel position. Check to see if your vehicle's steering wheel is adjustable. If so, tilt it downward towards your chest. If your airbags deploy, you'd much rather them aim for the chest than your head, neck, and shoulders.

Never put an infant in the front seat.

Never, ever put an infant in the front seat of a car with a passenger airbag. The safest place for a child under 13 is to ride in the backseat with their seatbelt or car seat tightly fastened. Children are often too small for an airbag to save them-and, if the airbag deploys, they could quickly find themselves in harms way.

Suburb Service: Subaru Maintenance & Repair Near Seattle

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