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Best Seattle Hikes for Kids

Want to know what we love most about living and working in the Pacific Northwest? Its close proximity to nature. Being outdoors and taking a deep breath of fresh air is good for the soul-but any parent knows it can be hard to venture in the Great Outdoors when you have little ones. They like to nap. You like to nap. And, going too far from home might wear them down.

Let's rethink that notion. Here are 4 of the best kid-friendly hiking spots near Seattle that offer low mileage, exciting features, and flat terrain.

These Are The Best Kid-Friendly Hikes Near Seattle

Washington Park Arboretum by Seattle Parks is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park Arboretum is the perfect place to relax-even with the kids! Use a canoe, or your feet, to explore the 230 acres of azalea gardens and tree-lined boardwalks. Your kiddos will love investigating the koi ponds, too. Just make sure to start your journey at the Graham Visitor's Center for the easiest low-milage hike.

Distance from Seattle:About 4.3 miles

The lost beagle trail by Jesse Hey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Swamp Monster Trail at Tiger Mountain

Have kids that love a good story? They'll enjoy the tale of the mythical creature that inhabits this flat hiking trail. Along this walk, placards tell the fascinating story of Zoe and the Swamp Monster.

You'll kids will enjoy the suspense of waiting for each placard, while the moss-covered trees add an element of suspense to your hike, too. Expect to see an abundance of birds and squirrels, but not an actual swamp creature. What does the Swamp Monster look like? Well, that can be left up to your child's imagination.

Distance from Seattle: About 32.3 miles

The Trail by Andew E. Larson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Grand Ridge Trail Park

Located in the Issaquah Alps, the Grand Ridge Trail Park is the ideal spot for seeing a variety of many forest creatures like bears, owls, cougars, chipmunks, and even slugs.

At 11.3 miles long, you don't have to hike it all-unless your kids are older and can handle the length. For an easier time, consider taking out the mountain bikes on this adventure to see it all.

Distance from Seattle: About 19.6 miles

Evans Creek Preserve upper trailhead by Joe Mabel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Evans Creek Preserve

Only two miles long, the Evans Creek Preserve is the perfect afternoon hike when you have kids and pets in tow. Overall, it's an easy walk for any age and dogs are allowed if they are on a leash. If you look closely, you're likely to spot a family of deer while gazing at the beautiful maple trees on the former 170-acre farm.

Distance from Seattle: About 19.2 miles

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