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Can Hand Sanitizer REALLY Explode in Your Car?

In a post-coronavirus world, we're all learning an entirely new set of social norms. Remembering to put on our masks before jetting off to the grocery store hasn't been easy. Going on the hunt for toilet paper? That's our idea of a Saturday adventure with the family. But, learning to navigate the new normal has come with its fair share of questions. Today, we're tackling this one: can hand sanitizer really explode in your car?

COVID Question Answered: Can Hand Sanitizer Explode in the Car?

If you've been lucky enough to snag some travel hand sanitizer from the store, you might be wondering where it's safe to leave-especially in the summer heat! you might be wondering where it's safe to leave-especially in the summer heat!Rumors have circulated that leaving a bottle of hand sanitizer in a hot car can cause it to explode. We say no way.

While nothing is impossible, the likelihood of your hand sanitizer exploding in the hot car isn't very high. In fact, your car won't get hot enough even in direct sunlight. According to a 2018 study from Arizona State University and UC San Diego, 160 degrees is the max temperature a car will get if left in direct sunlight for more than one hour. Even the rubbing alcohol in hand sanitizer would have to reach approximately 600 degrees Farenheit before it could spontaneously combust.

What Sparked the Sudden Interest in Hand Sanitizer?

According to Snope, "in April 2020, a series of photographs started to circulate on WhatsApp and Telegram [in Brazil] that supposedly showed the aftermath of a car fire caused by an unattended bottle of hand sanitizer". This social media phenomenon is what caused the sudden interest in leaving bottles of hand sanitizer unattended in the car-and then, in May, United States fire departments began circulating a similar message on Facebook urging citizens to take their hand sanitizers out of their cars.

While the myth was debunked, experts continue to urge cautious drivers to store their hand sanitizer out of direct sunlight in their glove boxes or center consoles.

Suburb Service: How We're Taking Care of our Seattle Customers During COVID-19

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