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Car Meet Etiquette: Here are the 4 Things You Should Never Do

Car meets are slowly becoming a thing of the past-sadly-but they're not over just yet. Out in Seattle and beyond there are still a few diehard car enthusiasts among us. And, what's one of a car maniac's favorite pastimes? Going to a car meet, of course!

What's a Car Meet?

Car meets are a time for local car enthusiasts to get together to show off their sweet rides and build a community. Back in the day, car meets were a Sunday morning ritual for many small towns across the United States.

Car enthusiasts would wake up with the sun and drive to a local Hardee's, grocery store, or parking lot to enjoy their passion, their builds, and talk about their histories with the cars they own. Today, car meets happen less frequently, but they're still important to specialty car owners in 2020.

Here Are the 4 Things You Should Never Do at a Car Meet

If you decide to go to a car meet in your local area, you'll want to follow an unspoken set of rules. The basic rule is simple: be respectful of all cars and their owners. But, there are a few things you'll want to remember to NOT do at a car meet.

1. Don't do burnouts or excessive "revving".

No one likes a speed demon on the highway; even fewer people like the guy doing burnouts and revving his engine during a car meet. While burnouts are cool (and most car enthusiasts are into it), you never want to send up a single to police that you're loitering.

2. Don't park incorrectly.

Parking far away or double parking might be customary for you if you don't want to scratch the paint or you are trying to be extra cautious. During a car meet, however, this behavior can come across to others as snobby and rude. Parking like a jerk will not make you many friends at a car meet. Your car will get the attention and car it deserves, even if it's parked normally.

3. Don't touch someone else's car.

Never, ever, touch someone else's car at a meet without getting permission first. You would never pet a dog or hold someone else's baby without asking, would you? Of course not. Car enthusiasts love their ride just the same-so treat them with the same thoughtfulness!

4. Don't block the photographers.

Chances are local newspapers, online publications, and social media influencers will be around a car meet taking professional photographs of cars with and without their owners. To be respectful of media, and give everyone a chance to have their car shown off to the world, don't block any photos. Embrace the fame, if even for a moment!

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