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Great Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Does your brother adore his new Subaru? Have a spouse who's obsessed with his car, truck, or SUV? They're particular about their auto accessories-and that can make holiday gifting quite daunting for family and friends. The good news?

Our team at Suburb Service also loves cars and we're happy to share some insider tips to make gift giving a breeze. No matter your budget, you're sure to find something for any car lover in your life.

6 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

1. Car Care Kit

Another great option for the Subaru aficionado in your life? Let them keep their car clean and pristine year-round with an indoor and outdoor car care kit. This kit from Armour All contains everything you need to fight fading, lift away dirt, and deliver an incredible shine.

2, Auto Garbage Can

For most auto lovers, a clean car is a must. Why not buy them the perfect gift to keep their floorboards free of trash? Auto garbage cans can be just the solution they're looking for; and, it's one of those extra accessories they might not think to buy themselves. We love this economical StashAway option from Amazon.

3. Car Vacuum

Keeping the car's interior can be a challenge for any vehicle owner. To do so, you have to live a convenient distance to a carwash with free vacuums or find a location with quarter-fed vacuums that barely operate. Purchasing your fellow car lover a portable, handheld vacuum is the ideal gift for helping them keep their interior fresh and clean.

4. Tool Set

Car malfunction happens; it's just part of life. Thankfully, most car enthusiasts know their way around a set of tools...if they have some. For younger car lovers, consider getting them a gift that will last a lifetime-a car tool set.

5. Cell Phone Holder

If your spouse, brother, sister, or friend loves their car, they probably also enjoy long drives. Help them enjoy the music, navigation, and easy talk-to-text features of their cell phone in a safe way by gifting them a cell phone holder. Many universal options stick right to the car's windshield or dash to offer the perfect holding spot for any iPhone or Android device.

6. Portable Jump Starter

Jumper cables are a must for a car owner's safety kit. However, another nifty gift for any car lover-and honestly one of our favorites-is a portable jump starter. This tiny device can help anyone get out of a sticky situation by jumping off any car on a cold Seattle morning...without the need of another vehicle. Get stuck in a snowstorm or stranded with a broken down Subaru? A portable jump starter can help charge any other electrical devices, too.

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