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Here's How to Keep Your Parked Car Cool This Summer

Few things are worse than sticky leather mixed with a hot summer day. Whether you're driving to the pool or heading home from work, cruising around in a cool car (and not sweating!) is the ideal situation...but how? Parking your car in the shade isn't always possible-so we've rounded up 5 simple tips to keep your car cool this summer.

5 Tips to Keep Your Parked Car Cool This Summer

Inside your parked car, temperatures can rise quickly. Depending on the outside weather, indoor temperatures can reach up to 200 degrees-and your car's interior can start to feel like an EasyBake oven. Here are 5 tips to keep your parked car a little bit cooler this season.

1. Use a sunshade.

When you can't find a shady place to park, a sunshade will always do the trick. Metallic windshield covers help to keep harmful rays out of your car-and, in turn, lowers temperatures. Easy to find online or at most car shops, sunshades make a great investment during the summers.

2. Cover your leather.

If not careful, you can scorch your backside on a hot leather seat. To avoid a hot seat, make sure to cover you leather to protect it (and you!) from the sun. Even if you have a sunshade, its recommended to cover your leather with a towel during the summer months.

3. Invest in tinted windows.

While it's certainly the more expensive option, tinted windows can help your car reflect sunlight more permanently and without any added steps. Forget packing sunshades and extra towels, install tinted windows for a lasting effect-just remember to follow the law.

What's the law in Seattle? In Washington, you are legally allowed to tint your windshield (but only on the top six inches). Driver's side and passenger side front windows must let in more than 24% of light. Back passenger windows and rear windows can be tinted as dark as preferred.

4. Cover your steering wheel.

It's essential that your steering wheel not be hot to touch-so you'll want to cover it during the summer months to make driving easier. Choose a cloth steering wheel cover for maximum coverage or simply cover with a towel while you are not driving.

5. Crack your windows.

Creating a bit of airflow inside the car can also relieve heat. To do this, simply crack your windows while the car is parked. Just make sure to check your surroundings and never leave anything of value visible-we don't condone leaving your Subaru a target for theft!

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