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How Often Should You REALLY Change Your Oil?

Do I really have to change my oil every 5,000 miles?! You probably think this to yourself each time your Subaru dealership alerts you it's time to come in again for a service appointment. Don't just go with the motions. Ask questions about your service-and bust myths about how often you need to service your vehicle. Here, we'll discuss how often you should actually get the oil in your Subaru changed.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Typically, car owners follow the 5,000 mile rule when changing the oil. Older cars may still follow these guidelines to be considered well-maintained. If your car is newer or runs on synthetic oil, you may not need to change your oil but every 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

While miles matters, they're not the only factor. Over time, the oil can break down and become a less effective lubricant for your engine-so, if you don't drive your Subaru often, you'll still want to think about changing the oil before you hit the recommended mileage. If you're unsure whether or not you should change the oil, you can always check the dipstick under the hood. When it's dark, it's time to visit your local Subaru maintenance shop.

What Happens If You Don't Change Your Oil?

Changing your oil is the act that keeps your engine running smoothly. Oil exists to reduce friction; if friction occurs, it creates heat...and a hot engine. So, what happens if you don't change your oil? You'll run into quite a bit of engine issues (and they will be a lot more costly to repair than a routine oil change!).

If you do keep up with oil changes, you'll notice that your Subaru is more efficient, gets better gas mileage, and extends its lifespan significantly. Regular maintenance will also keep you out of the repair shop, so you can take your Subaru wherever you go this season.

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