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How To Winterize Your Subaru

Baby, it's cold outside! We are ready, is your Subaru? We know you feel it! Winters in the Pacific Northwest are no joke. Living in Washington comes with snow, ice, and frigid winter temperatures. So let's talk about how to winterize your Subaru.

Sometimes stepping outside can be downright painful, chilling you to the bones. If you're feeling it, your car is too! You wouldn't expect yourself to sleep outside, becoming basically frozen, and then instantly roar to life on command with the ability to move as fluently as you do the rest of the year, would you? Of course not.

Yet we seem to forget that the winter weather affects our vehicles too. This winter, show your Subaru some winter love (and yourself by avoiding a breakdown), and prepare for the cold.

Every driver should use these simple ways to winterize their vehicles

Replace/ Refill All Fluids

It's no secret that fluids freeze. The lower your fluid, the easier to become frozen. Not only do you want to refill the fluids to the maximum line, you may also need to replace them with different kinds that will be less likely to freeze.

Coolant - It's important to have the correct antifreeze/water mixture to prevent fluid from freezing in your radiator. Consult your owner's manual, or give us a call to check which coolant is right for your Subaru this winter. We check your coolant freeze point every time your Subaru is in for service.

Wiper Fluid - This one is easily forgotten until you find you need it while driving, only to hear the grinding churn of the dispenser, but with no fluid shooting to your windshield because it's frozen. You'll need freeze-resistant wiper fluid to keep your windshield clean and your vision clear.

Suburb Service always changes to winter washer fluid in October. We have many customers that are skiers and boarders, that rely on us to keep their Subaru going strong in winter.

Gas Tank - No one wants frozen gas! Keep your gas tank from freezing overnight by never letting it go below half a tank. Keep your tank as full as possible. Yes, this may mean more trips to the gas station, but that is way better than the alternative of not being able to drive because your tank is frozen.

Inspect/Replace Tires

Low air pressure and worn tires are especially dangerous on wet, slick, or icy roads. Always check your tire pressure to ensure you are in the correct range to have the best traction.

Because Washington has the ability for heavy snowfall, consider changing your tires to snow tires. These tires can give you a huge advantage when driving through the winter elements. There are several options between snow tires (enhancements, studs, etc.) and all weather tires.

No matter what you decide, make sure the tires you do have are in good condition. Otherwise, you're better off changing all four tires regardless of the type. Suburb Service checks each tire for pressure and uneven wear every tie your Subaru is in our shop.

Next time where ever you have your oil changed, get the tires checked as well. This is one subject you don't want to ignore.

Check Battery Capacity

Your engine isn't the only part that has a hard time starting in winter. Your battery capacity is significantly reduced by cold weather. Bring in your Subaru to have a thorough inspection of your battery, cables, terminals, and fluid. Be sure to keep your battery charged through the winter. Suburb Service checks your battery condition every time your Subaru is in our shop.

Emergency Kit

Create an emergency kit to keep in your Subaru. Better safe than sorry, this will keep you prepared for whatever winter elements are thrown your way.

  • Flashlight
  • Blanket, gloves, hat, and extra layers of clothing
  • Ice scraper
  • Small shovel
  • Leak-proof container of coolant
  • Road flare
  • A jack and lug wrench
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cell Phone and portable charger
  • Jumper cables
  • Extra batteries
  • Snacks - non perishable

By using these tips, you'll be as prepared as possible for this winter and every winter. Remember, always bring in your Subaru for your normal maintenance to keep up a good running vehicle and prevent any unforeseen circumstances.

When you bring in your car, we can check these items for you to make sure you are good to go. Then, all you'll need to worry about is keeping yourself warm.

We would love to help you prepare so you can fully enjoy the season without crisis. Click here to schedule an appointment at Suburb Service, or call (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some winter love.