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Need Your Subaru Fixed Fast? Longer Waits Are Ahead

Thinking of swinging by the local Subaru dealership for a quick fix? Think again. If you're frustrated with long wait times for your new Subaru model-the Forester, Outback, or Crosstrek specifically-you're not alone.

According to Automotive News, Subaru has experienced record sales in the past decade-and, while a great problem to have, it's caused some issues for Subaru owners. In light of the increase in sales, Subaru has experienced a chronic shortage of dealership service technicians...leaving customers with less than ideal appointment wait times.

What Is Subaru Doing To Fix It?

Subaru of America understands the problem at hand-they're on their way to becoming one of the nation's neediest car brands. To combat this issue, the corporate team is actively improving and recruiting for Subaru's entry-level tech training programs. According to Mike Campbell, VP of Service and Quality for Subaru of America, the company hopes to double its number of service technicians in the next three to four years.

What Can Subaru Owners Expect-And Should They Worry?

Subaru customers having to wait for extended periods to just get an oil change or tire rotation as part of regular service is a major issue-and it produces an inconvenience and safety concerns. Due to the lack of service technicians, customers can expect to experience longer waiting times for the foreseeable future at their local Subaru dealerships.

But they shouldn't worry-Subaru owners can always visit independent mechanics that specialize in Subaru maintenance and repairs. Plus, according to Subaru of America, help is on the way and a plan is in place to begin increasing the number of technicians in dealerships nationwide.

Should Choose an Independent Subaru Repair Shop Over a Dealer?

Unless you're having a car repair or maintenance covered under a warranty, there's no reason you have to stick it out with the dealership. As the Subaru owner, the choice is yours-and choosing an independent Subaru repair and maintenance shop can have its perks.

With an independent shop, you can expect to be treated like family. Plus, you'll often find that mom-and-pop shop with Subaru-specific expertise have a smaller book of business and, in turn, a fast turnaround time for repairs.

Suburb Service: Seattle's #1 Independent Subaru Service

When you need a Subaru repair or maintenance service near Seattle, consider an independent shop like Suburb Service to keep your Forester, Outback, or Crosstrek running like new. Our team specializes in Subaru only, so you're always talking to the experts.

We offer maintenance and repair services for all types of Subaru models-no matter the age! You can schedule a regular maintenance check-up today or, if your Subaru is giving you trouble, you can call us at (206) 705-8695 to schedule a repair. Show your Subaru some love.