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Our Favorite City Trails in Seattle

Looking for a great city trail to hike in Seattle this weekend? Look no further. Here are 7 of our favorite city trails in Seattle.

Along Duamish River Trail by Robert Ashworth is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Green River Trail

Approximately 19 miles long | Looking for the perfect long hike near the Green River? The Green River Trail runs along the banks of the Duwamish and Green Rivers. You can enjoy about a 19 mile jog crossing over the rivers along the way. As one of the region's longest contiguous trails, it's certainly a popular spot for hikers, runners, and bikers. You're sure to see people everywhere along the way.

Where do we hop on? There's an access point at W Marginal Pl S and S 102nd St in Tukwila.

Burke-Gilman Trail by Seattle Parks is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Burke-Gilman Trail

Approximately 20 miles long | Burke-Gilman Trail is the perfect spot for a summer Saturday. Named one of the most popular trails in the Seattle area, it's flat, paved surface is perfect for any activity. Take the kids out for a long bike ride. Finally log those miles in your newest running shoes. Whether you're visiting or you're a local, this is a spot to check out.

Where do we hop on? One end starts at Golden Gardens Park (8498 Seaview Place NW) and the other end is near Blyth Park in Bothell (102nd Avenue NE near Woodinville Drive and SR 522).

Calm at the guest dock by Adam Barhan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Mill Town Trail

Approximately 6 miles long | Short on time? Mill Town Trail is the one to know. It's just six miles long and located in the heart of North Everett. You'll get more of a city vibe from this trail than a nature vibe-and we love it. With pedestrian access available throughout the marina facilities along the beautiful Port of Everett waterfront, the Mill Town Trail is full of sites and rich history.

Where do we hop on? Located between 10th and 18th Streets along West Marine View Drive in Everett, you can hop on the trail whenever it works for you.

Union Bay Natural Area by pd_whitney is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Union Bay Natural Area

Approximately 3 miles long | Just along the shores of Lake Washington and across from the University of Washington, you'll find the Union Bay Natural Area. A bit hidden in plain sight, you'll in for a treat when you stumble into its nature trails and cluster cattails in the wetlands.

Where do we hop on? The best access point for the Union Bay Natural Area is at Mary Gates Memorial Dr.

Discovery Park Sunset by Razvan Orendovici is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Discovery Park

Approximately 12 miles long | We love Discovery Park-and we are not the only ones. Known as somewhat of a Lover's Lane, this trail has the most romantic views. Don't believe it? Go see a sunset from the West Point Lighthouse. Enjoy the blackberry brambles on the Loop Trail in summer. Bask in the beauty of the Wolf Tree Nature Trail reflecting ponds.

Where do we hop on? The best access point for Discovery Park is W Government Way in Magnolia.

0.3 miles from Sycamore to the East Ridge Trail by Jessie Hey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Squak Mountain

Approximately 3.8 miles long | Squak Mountain is the absolute perfect place for trail running. With sudden elevations and wide, well-signed routes, you're sure to get the best workout without getting lost. It's even the site of Evergreen Trail Runs 10K, half marathon, and full marathon races in early April.

Where do we hop on? The best access point is at Mountain Dr SW in Issaquah.

Alki trail by Yuri Levchenko is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Alki Trail

Approximately 2.5 miles long | Looking for a beachfront view while you go for a jog? Nothing beats the city views from Alki Beach. If you make it the entire two-mile stretch, you'll pass quite a few city sights, too, including one of the city's two legal bonfire sites, some of Seattle's top dining spots, a replica of the Statue of Liberty, and some beach volleyball players.

Where do we hop on? The best access point is at Alki Ave and 64th Pl SW.

Choose Suburb Service As Your Subaru Maintenance Center Near Seattle

Summer is the perfect time to get out and get moving in Seattle. In the Pacific Northwest, taking a jog or bike ride along one of our beautiful trails can help you reset, enjoy nature, and spend time with family and loved ones. As your specialty Subaru repair and maintenance service, we want you to arrive safely at all of your summer destinations.

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