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Packing Your Car for a Snowy Adventure

Taking a winter hike up to Hog Lake in Spokane? Heading off on a weekend getaway to ski with old friends? Whatever snowy adventures you have planned, you'll want to pack your car accordingly. Here's exactly how to pack your car for a winter trip.

How to Pack your Car for a Winter Trip

Pack in reserve order.

Packing a full car's worth of skiing and snowboarding gear can get complicated really quickly. You'll want to start with a clean slate and add items according to priority. Things you'll need the least should go in first; things you'll need the most should be at the back or front of the car and easy to access.

Decide to roof rack or not.

Thinking about carrying your gear on a roof rack? This is the first decision you'll have to make when planning to pack for a snowy adventure. Racking your heavier items will free up space inside the car for people and gear, but installing a full roof rack system can be expensive (if you don't already have one on your Subaru). Even if you already have a roof rack, you must consider how road spray and salt may damage your gear.

Store a winter car emergency kit in the trunk.

You can never be over prepared. Before trekking up the mountain or off on a snowy hiking adventure, make sure you keep all of the necessary emergency items in your trunk. A well-stocked winter emergency car kit will include a flashlight, batteries, blanket, a change of clothes, snacks, water bottles, gloves, boots, and a first-aid kit.

Check tire tread.

Before you take off, make sure your tires are prepared for the journey. If you're driving far from Seattle-and especially if you're going up the mountain-you'll want to ensure the tread is 1/16 of an inch or greater. Anything less than 1/16 of an inch and you'll run the risk of hydroplaning.

Inspect your wipers and top off washer fluid.

Good windshield wipers can save you from a nasty situation. Plus, quality windshield washer fluid can assist your wipers even during the snowiest weather. Before you take off for your big trip, fill your vehicle's windshield washer reservoir with "no-freeze" fluid or learn how to make your own with our nifty washer fluid hacks.

Choose Suburb Service: Seattle's Subaru Experts

Keeping your car maintained in the winter is so important. Before you head off on your next ski adventure, it's best to winterize your Subaru-and prepare for icy windshields ahead of time.

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