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Subaru Air-Conditioning Dos and Don’ts

Restoring an old Subaru as a side project? Did the AC go out in your newer Subaru model? If you're a do-it-yourself type of person, you might run into some confusion. When its time to work on the air conditioning in your Subaru, you'll want to know the dos and don'ts of air conditioning and refrigerant. Here are some things to know.

3 Dos of Subaru AC Replacement

1. Do diagnose the root cause of your AC failure first.

Before you do anything drastic to your Subaru's air conditioning system, consider the root cause of the failure. If the AC system isn't working, ask yourself what could be wrong. Do you need to replace the refrigerant? Or, do you need a full-on rejuvenation of the system and to replace the compressor? Knowing what's wrong will help you find a solution to fix it before you invest your time and money.

2. Do use a refrigerant that is EPA-approved.

Before you go installing new refrigerant into your vehicle, you'll want to make sure you're not breaking the law. Check to see if it's EPA-approved. Certain refrigerants cannot be intentionally released into the environment. Here is the EPA's list of new climate-friendly alternative refrigerants to consider using in your AC repair.

3. Do properly recycle your refrigerant.

Looking to reuse refrigerant from an older vehicle? Stop and think before you make a move. According to the EPA, refrigerant must be properly recycled or reclaimed before it can be reused. Even if the refrigerant is being returned to the vehicle from which it was removed, you'll still need to reclaim it to avoid any fines.

3 Don'ts of Subaru AC Replacement

1. Don't vent refrigerant.

Never vent refrigerant or release it into the environment. R12 is a chemical that is often labeled as "ozone-destroying". It's never, ever to be released into the environment. R134a is not an ozone-destroying agent, but it is a greenhouse gas. You can't vent either one-it's illegal, according to the EPA. Thinking about restoring an older Subaru? If it still contains old refrigerant, you'll have to open up the AC system to work on it or take it to a Subaru repair shop.

2. Don't use flammable organic refrigerants.

Did you know that propane-based refrigerant can catch fire or explode? That's right, some organic refrigerants are flammable and, according to the EPA, should never be used in your Subaru. While some online vigorously defend flammable refrigerants, the EPA says no way.

3. Don't hire an unlicensed mechanic.

When it's time to replace the air conditioner in your Subaru, don't just let any neighborhood garage do the job. Make sure your mechanic is licensed and trained to work on Subaru models of any kind. According to Section 609 of the Clean Air Act (CAA), any person working on an MVAC system must be certified and understand the differences between illegal refrigerant and EPA-approved refrigerants in 2019.

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