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The Benefits of LED Light Bars For Vehicles

LED lighting is becoming more popular as a household item across the board. They're eco-friendly, energy saving, and more durable than traditional lighting-and now the auto industry is taking note. LED light bars were designed, originally, for large diesel trucks to improve their visibility on the highway at night. These types of lights are more reliable than traditional light bulbs and they provide a wide array of benefits.

What Are the Benefits for Installing an LED Light Bar?

Improved visibility

Installing an LED light bar on your Subaru can exponentially improve your night driving visibility. When placed on your vehicle, the light emitting diode or semiconductor diode will project light outward using electroluminescence.

Light will extend to a wider range allowing you to clearly see the road and its periphery. Instantly, you'll be able to see the road easier and protect yourself from night creatures like deer.


LED lights are also eco-friendly. Their bulbs don't produce as much heat as traditional car light bulbs, so they burn cooler and are safer to use.


LED light bars can work for between 25,000 and 100,000 hours. Regular incandescent bulbs last around 15,000 hours. When you choose an LED light bar, you're choosing reliability.

LED lights for Subaru are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Find the colors and features that meet your individual needs, and the experienced Subaru team at Suburb Service will be available to help you locate the right products for your car.

Just make sure whatever LED light you choose for your Subaru is Department of Transportation compliant. You may need a light cover in order to comply with DOT regulations, but any good independent Subaru service station can point you in the right direction and help you make educated decisions for your car.

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