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Top 8 Subaru Groups - Love Your Subaru? Hang Out With Other Like-Minded Individuals!

If you love your Subaru, you should know you're not the only one. There is a nation full of like-minded individuals just like you and it may be fun to hang out with them. Some amateur Subaru Groups are for Subaru owners in general while others are devoted to specific makes and models of the iconic Japanese autos. In addition to exploring these groups, be sure to order a Subaru Badge of Ownership to proudly display how many Subarus you've owned, how much mileage you've racked up and lifestyle icons. What keeps these cars running so long? A lot of it is repairs and maintenance but as these groups show it's also just a lot of attention.

NW Subies - Check out the Northwest Subaru Owner's Club for drivers in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Washington and Oregon. Explore their forum to chat online with local area Subaru owners, meet up with other Subaru lovers and find out about the annual Big Northwest Subaru Meet each summer.

My Subie -This online club is for all Subaru enthusiasts all over the country. You can find local events in the community calendar, chat with others online, ask questions, find parts, learn more about your Subaru model and upload photos of your beloved Subie to show it off to others.

North American Subaru Impreza Owner's Club - This club is for Impreza lovers and there's even a sub-club for Northwest drivers. Here you can chat, look at classifieds, find local meets (there's one in Renton twice a month) and a ton of others that go on all around the city.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Owner's Club -This club is for the sportiest of Imprezas and lets owners and lovers share their appreciation for and knowledge of this fun-to-drive vehicle. Find out how to supe up your WRX/STI, check out photos and videos and meet up to show off your cool ride.

Forester Owner's Club - This online group offers a forum to chat up other Forester owners to schedule meet-ups, discuss your vehicles, find parts and share your love. You can also send in a pic of your beloved little SUV to be considered for Forester of the Month recognition.

Legacy Owner's Club - This group is dedicated to the Legacy GT enthusiast community and also offers a Northwest sub-group. A neat feature is the Member's Journal where you can document your journey with your Legacy from day one so you can show off your mods and enhancements.

Outback Owner's Club - If you love your Outback, this online forum is the place to find others with similar interests. You can talk about how much you love your wagon, get advice on repairs, talk about off-roading, see pics of people out and about in theirs, show off yours and found out about meet-ups.

Tribeca Owner's Club - Lovers of the B9 Tribeca meet up here to rave about their Subaru of choice. You can chat with others, share news and rumors, get advice before and after buying, post photos of your SUV and get info on tech specs and repairs.

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