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Tricks for Keeping Your Car Battery Charged In Cold Temperatures

According to the Weather Channel, the average low temperature in Seattle in winter is in the high 30s; and, all Seattle residents know that winters come with freezing rain and snow. Having a strong car battery to get you from place to place is a must. Don't get stranded this year-here are 4 tricks for keeping your car battery charged in cold temperatures.

4 Tips for Keeping a Car Battery Charged In The Cold

1. Park your car in the garage.

If you have a garage available for use, park your car there at night. This is a simple first step, but it can do wonders for saving your battery during winter. Cold gusts of wind and inclimate weather can kill the battery in your car fairly quickly because of the strain it puts on it. Don't have a garage? Try to park way from the direction of the wind gusts, if possible.

2. Let it warm up first.

Before you crank up the heat, blast the radio, and flick on the lights, give your engine a chance to warm up. By pausing for a few minutes, you'll give the alternator a chance to charge the battery before placing any demands on it. Juicing up the battery this way may save you from a dead battery later on, especially in winter!

3. Service it regularly.

It's recommended to have your Subaru serviced according to schedule. For most, that's every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Regular service gives your local Subaru technician a chance to examine everything under the hood, replace the oil, check the battery, and make any necessary repairs.

4. Keep your battery dirt-free.

Low temperatures cause your battery work twice as hard to produce the same power. Dirt and grime on or around the battery can make it worse. Spot check under the hood before the winter chill hits. Is your battery corroded? Do you see dirt and debris? Clean it off with a damp cloth, some baking soda, and water. That should help lessen the load on your battery this winter.

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