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What Can I Do to Lower My Auto Insurance Costs?

Car insurance can get pretty pricey-so, we completely understand why you'd like to cut costs. One of the easiest ways to keep your auto insurance costs low? Have an excellent driving record. Safe drivers-AKA those with little to no accidents and few traffic tickets-tend to reap the best benefits of low insurance rates.

Not the safest driver on Seattle's highways? No worries. Whether you're shopping around for new auto insurance or you're looking to save on your current policy, there are a few ways every driver can cut auto insurance costs.

6 Ways Seattle Drivers Can Lower Their Insurance Rates

Have a few accidents under your belt? Have a great driving record, but looking for additional ways to save? You'll be happy to know there are a few other things you can do to get better rates. Here's what we've found.

Drive your car less

Auto insurance agents will often ask preliminary questions to gauge your driving personality. Often, the question of how much mileage you put on your car each year will come up. This is because driving more can increase your auto insurance premium. Why? Because the more you drive, the more chances you have of getting in an auto accident.

Upgrade your car with safety features

Car accidents happen-it's why you have auto insurance. However, if your insurance company notices you taking a proactive approach to auto safety, they might just reward you. Upgraded safety features, such as voice controls, back-up cameras, and Subaru's DriverFocus, could possibly help you can save on premiums.

Ask your carrier for discounts

Auto insurance carriers don't always advertise their discounts-but you should always ask. Many auto insurance carriers will provide additional discounts for drivers who own hybrid cars, have multiple family members on one policy, or those who served or currently serve in the military.

Obtain all insurance through one carrier

Bundling your car insurance with your home, motorcycle, or renter's policy could save you year after year. If all of your policies exist with different carriers, consider switching to the same provider for all of your insurance needs-many providers reward multi-policy customers.

Switch your insurance carrier

Not all auto insurance is created equal. When shopping around for an original auto insurance policy, you need to do your research. Get quotes from several different insurance carriers, then make an educated decision. Looking to switch? No problem. Many carriers are happy to give you a quote that lowers your payment if they can ensure you'll be a loyal customer.

Trade-in your car

Much like insurance carriers, cars are not created equal. The insurance premium needed to cover your car may depend on a few factors, like the purchase price, the likelihood of theft, repair and parts costs, and its crash test rating. Trading in your car for a safer, more fuel-efficient model could save you on car insurance-but always check before making a new car purchase!

Choose Suburb Service: Seattle's #1 Subaru Repair Shop

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