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What Exactly Is Subaru's DriverFocus?

Whether you're a Subaru owner or just someone with smart cars on the brain, you're about to be blown away. Subaru will always put your safety first. Wanting you and your family to be safe behind the wheel is of utmost priority-which is why they created DriverFocus.

What is Subaru's DriverFocus?

Subaru's DriverFocus features cutting-edge technology fighting one of the driver's toughest battles: distracted driving. As a driver monitoring system, Subaru's DriverFocus uses infrared sensors and facial recognition software to identify when a driver appears tired, fatigued, or distracted. Pretty cool, huh? Now, let us tell you which Subaru models will be featuring this innovative technology.

What Subaru Models Will Include DriverFocus?

Wondering what Subaru models will include the DriverFocus feature? Let's start with the 2019 Subaru Forester. The Forester will pair DriverFocus with the car's existing EyeSight technology to help keep you alert and focused. Think about how much easier it is to stay awake when taking a road trip with friends or family-you always have someone to nudge you and keep you awake. With DriverFocus, you'll have that same piece of mind even when driving alone.

How Does DriverFocus Work?

Using infrared sensors and facial recognition software, DriverFocus can identify signs of driver distraction, sleepiness, or recklessness. Wondering how facial recognition works? Think about how Facebook tags photos for you or how your iPhone opens when you simply look at it-that's facial recognition technology. Ideally, this specific technology was created to ensure safety and reduce your risk of an accident while behind the wheel.

One of our favorite perks? Subaru's DriverFocus can keep track of five different people-so your entire family of drivers will be monitored and kept safe with Subaru's latest tech. It even stores information for up to five seat positions, indoor climate preferences, and more. And, because Subaru thinks of it all-DriverFocus even gives you (or your family members!) a personal greeting when you start the car!

Want to Maintain Your Subaru's Safety Features? Call Suburb Service Near Seattle

We love Subaru-it's why we've chosen to specialize in Subaru repairs and treat Seattle's Subaru customers to excellent service for so many years. We love the brand's commitment to safety and we adore the latest driver safety tech, DriverFocus. Want to keep your Subaru super safe? Make sure to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis. Haven't scheduled a maintenance appointment lately? Call Suburb Service today at (206) 705-8695 or fill out our online form. Show your Subaru some love.