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What Your Driving Style Says About Your Personality

Why are some drivers aggressive while others can remain totally calm behind the wheel? Why are some drivers uber cautious while others love a road race? Driving styles can totally vary based on the personality of the driver. Some people like to live their lives on edge; others prefer to stay cool as a cucumber no matter the situation. Wondering what your driving style says about your personality? See what we've observed below.

4 Driving Styles and What They Say About Your Personality

The Chill Charlie

The Chill Charlie doesn't let anything ruffle his feathers. He's cool as a cucumber in traffic. Not even aggressive drivers can get a reaction out of him. Typically, the chillest of drivers are a bit slower to pick up speed; psychologists have noted that this indifference towards road rage and surrounding traffic could be a sign of depression.

The Road-Rage Roger

The Road-Rage Roger is the aggressive driver that's easily annoyed on the road. Most often, you can find this driver in a large truck or SUV, and they can appear quite intimidating. Road-Rage Roger is easily ticked off by slow drivers in the left lane and cars that refuse to turn right on a red light. This driving style is often linked to an egotistical personality type.

The Dangerous Danny

The Dangerous Danny is a thrill seeker. He's not an angry driver; he's just a happy one. Happy drivers tend to move faster and be more alert than sad drivers. For cautious drivers orchill drivers, Dangerous Danny can be a bit anxious to ride along with. This type of driving personality believes in making the most of every moment-and in making every moment memorable. Activities like bungee jumping and skydiving make for the perfect Saturday.

The Cautious Kelly

The Cautious Kelly is the safest of drivers. To this day, they've never forgotten the lessons learned in Driver's Ed. They can most often be found driving at ten-and-two and going exactly the speed limit (...and not one mile-per-hour faster). You'll never catch them driving without their seatbelt securely fastened. Cautious Kelly's are likely cautious in real-life too. They are the kind of folks who pay their bills a few days before they are due and never let the gas light come on in their vehicle. Most often, they will shy away from high-risk activities.They are the exact opposite of the Dangerous Danny.

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