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What Your Subaru’s Air Recirculation Button Really Does

Summer in Seattle can get pretty toasty. Turning the AC on full blast? Don't mind if you do-except there's a better way to cool down your car and cut fuel costs. It's called the air recirculation button.

What Does the Air Recirculation Button Do?

Subaru makes and models-like most vehicles of the 21st century-have a little button showing a car and two swirling arrows. This is called the air recirculation button. Fitting to its name, the button shows an image similar to a recycle symbol and helps to recirculate cool air throughout your vehicle. It helps to keep out road pollutants and only provide your with conditioned air.

When Should You Use The Recirculation Button?

Using the air recirculation button in your Subaru can be a game changer-but you have to know when to use it and when to turn it off. Need to cool down the car's cabin on a blistering hot afternoon? Just need some fresh air inside the cabin? Here's how it works.

To cool down the car faster.

Did you park your car in the sun? Are there no shade trees in your neighborhood? To cool down your car quickly, all you have to do is crack the windows to let out excess heat and turn the AC on full blast to provide cool air. Turn off your recirculation button this time so your car isn't recirculating the hot air already inside the cabin.

To bring in fresher air.

Your air recirculation button helps to keep out pollutants, like exhaust, emissions, and pollen, out of your car. However, it can also prohibit necessary oxygen from entering the car, too. If you're on a long road trip and need some fresh air, turn off your air recirculation button every so often to replenish the fresh air.

To remove fog from the windshield.

When winter hits, so does the nuisance of a foggy windshield. It happens because of the temperature difference from inside to outside. Your car is warm but the outside is frigid, so fog forms. Turn off your air recirculation button to bring it cooler air and help remove the fog more easily.

To cut fuel cost.

While helpful in keeping out pollutants, leaving the air recirculation button on year-round can cost you. Because your system is recycling air already inside the cabin (and can't steal the air from the outside) your air conditioning system will have to work harder-and will use more fuel to do so. If your want to save some gas, turn off the air recirculation button when the temperatures outside are mild.

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