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Which Color Car Gets Dirtiest the Fastest?

Does Color Matter? This Car Color That Gets Dirty the Fastest

Have you begun to notice a cloud of greenish-yellow dust settling everywhere? Settling along rooftops, the ground, and on your car, pollen is out to get you all season long. And, besides causing your allergies to overreact and being a general annoyance, pollen also keeps you unmotivated to clean your car from April to June.

At best, you might ride through an auto-wash once a month or so-but you know deep down that this effort is futile. Tomorrow, your car will be covered with pollen once again. So, is there any way to keep a Subaru's exterior looking clean in spring? Well, it really comes down to car color. Here, we'll discuss the car colors that show the most dirt and the colors to consider if you're looking to cut back on spring car washes!

Why Does Car Color Matter for Cleanliness?

When buying a new or used car, you might select a color based on personal preference. Maybe you've always driven white cars or you just think the Apple Red just look sharp. Whatever the case, there's usually no rhyme or reason.

But, if you're a clean car freak, choosing the right color car could actually save you time and money on regular washes. Selecting a car that doesn't show off dirt quite as readily means you have to wash it less-and that means you're saving water, too!

What Color Cars Show Dirt?

White might be your go-to color. Maybe every car you've owned has had a black exterior. That's not uncommon. The most popular car colors have always been white, silver, and black-but which color shows off dirt the most? Black, hands down.

White cars have always gotten a bad reputation for being a blank canvas for dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and emissions residue-but, the truth is, black cars have a hard time staying clean too. Time and time again, dark colored cars have proven to be the hardest to keep clean. Any speck of dirt will show and you have to deal with water spots after a rainstorm.

If you're looking to hide dirt, white cars shouldn't be your go-to either. If you travel often to areas with red clay, volcanic soils, or red dirt, you'll experience quite the frustration with a white exterior, too. Best thing to do? Avoid black and white cars.

What Color Cars Hide Dirt?

If you're looking to mask your car's dirty exterior (or you simply don't have time to wash it regularly during pollen season), you might want to find a color that hides dirt. What's the best color for that? Most commonly, the answer is beige, tan, champagne, or khaki. As these colors are similar to a light dusting of dirt, filth (and even the seemingly never-ending spring pollen) blends right in. Not into a light brown car? Your next best option is to choose in the family of grays and silvers, as they also do a decent job of masking dirt on the surface of any car.

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