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Why Dog Lovers Love Subaru

When you become a dog owner, your life changes a little bit. You start thinking less about you and more about Fido. Will your dog like this backyard? Will she have enough room to roam this neighborhood? Does this backseat fit her crate? Will this vehicle keep her safe?

In 2007, Subaru spent time reevaluating the brand. Executives and marketing professionals asked themselves over and over again: what makes Subaru unique? Words like reliability, all-wheel drive, and safety came to mind.

Then, they asked themselves: what makes the Subaru customer unique? Who drives a Subaru? From their research, Subaru executives found something interesting: 67 percent of car owners had a pet. The company, in turn, decided to market to dog owners-and dog owners responded quite positively.

Why Do Dog Owners Love Subaru?

In late 2008, Subaru executed commercials featuring driving dogs. It was funny, creative, and appealed to dog owners. Subaru's advertising efforts were "dog-tested, dog-approved" and dog owners agreed...but that's not the only reason they love the brand.

Subaru gives back to animal rights causes.

Subaru's "Share the Love" campaign has supported animal rights initiatives for nearly the last decade. Since 2008, their relationship with the ASPCA has allowed them to give nearly $24 million to the organization and help support over 1,500 adoption events.

Subaru advocates for pet safety.

In addition to donations, the brand is also a strong advocate for pet safety. Leaving pets in hot cars or not properly fastening them to the seat before takeoff can be dangerous. Subaru has made it a mission to educate pet owners of the dangers and even sponsored two studies conducted by the Center for Pet Safety.

Subaru thinks about dogs when designing new models.

When designing the latest Subaru models, the brand also thinks about how you might travel with pets. Not only do they focus on human comfort and design, they also think about how much Fido will enjoy the ride. According to Michael McHale, director of corporate communications for Subaru, the brand "prides [itself] on making cars easier to use, whether that applies to human occupants or dogs".

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