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Why We Don’t Provide Repair Quotes on the Phone

Repairs can be costly and annoying, but they are an inevitable part of any car owner's journey. When it happens for you, you'll surely call around to find the best price on the repair you need-you're just looking to get the best value! However, you may find that many car service shops won't give you an estimate on the work over the phone. Here's why.

Why Don't You Give Me a Car Repair Estimate Over the Phone?

At Suburb Service, we get a lot of calls about Subaru repairs. Many of them start with "so, here's the problem" and end with "so, what will that cost me?". Whether you were told by another shop that you needed rear-end links or a new engine, our team is too cautious (and cares too much about you as a customer) to give you an answer over the phone-here's why.

Every problem is unique.

Your car's issues are uniquely yours. If we've never serviced your Subaru before, we're not going to know your vehicle well enough to give you a quote. Even if we have serviced your vehicle and you are a regular face around the shop, we can't know every detail of the issue without taking a peak ourselves.

We want to quote you accurately.

Even the best storytellers can miss a few details; and we like to get all of the details upfront to quote you a price accurately. Imagine if we told you over the phone that your car repair was going to cost $200, but when you arrived, we see that it's much worse than expected. Would you be mad if we raised the price to $400? Of course you would!

Our team at Suburb Service will never quote you a low price just to get you in the door. We're a customer-first business that's only interested in quoting you a fair price at the time of service.

We want to save you time.

Lastly, we don't quote prices over the phone because we don't want to waste your time by promising a price we might not be able to honor. We're committed to giving a fair price to every customer after an initial diagnostic of your vehicle. Come to us first and we'll do our best to save you time and money on your next Subaru repair.

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