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9 Favorite Cold Winter Car Hacks to Make Driving Easier

Winter driving isn't ideal. Ice, snow, sleet, and cold temperatures are common-and you're in a love-hate relationship with driving. You hate sitting in the cold waiting for it to warm up, you hate prepping your car for winter, and you hate risking an accident on ice-but, if you are anything like us, you love your Subaru and nothing can keep you two apart.

Need help? Use some of our favorite cold winter car hacks to make owning a Subaru in the winter just a little bit easier (especially if you don't have a garage!).

1. Wrap your car's side mirrors in plastic

One of our favorite cold winter car hacks? Wrapping side mirrors in plastic. While you might not be able to keep your entire car snow and ice-free, you can at least save your windows with this easy hack. Wrap mirrors with gallon-sized plastic bags. Use a rubber band to secure them. This will keep your mirrors ice-free!

2. Use hand sanitizer on your keys

When it's really cold in Seattle, your door locks can freeze. If you have manual door locks on your Subaru, this could pose quick an issue in the coldest months of the year. Use a little squeeze of hand sanitizer on your keys before you stick it in the lock. Hand sanitizer contains alcohol which will help melt the ice inside the lock quickly.

3. Use a penny to check your tires

Tire tread is so important in the winter. Driving in snow and ice? Have low tire tread can present a challenge-so check your tire tread with a penny before taking off on a cold winter day. Hold the penny with Lincoln facing upright in the tire tread. Does his head disappear into the tire? Your tires are fine for the winter-but if it, then it's time to buy new tires.

4. Use an old credit card as an ice scrape

It's always best to invest in a decent ice scraper-you can likely purchase one at a superstore or on Amazon for less than $10-but sometimes you're just not prepared. That's okay-you can use an old credit card as a substitute.

5. Invest in a push broom

Push brooms are important because they can help you push the snow off the top of your car-you can find them at most automotive stores or online. Any broom will do, but the goal is to make sure the broom isn't going to scratch your paint.

6. Park your car facing east

Let Mother Nature help in the early A.M. Park your car facing east and the morning sun will melt much of your windshield ice before you head off to work. Use your ice scraper to get rid of any excess ice or snow.

7. Keep old socks in your glovebox

Keep a pair of old socks in your glovebox-this is actually a great winter car hack that solves a number of issues. First, you can place old socks over each wiper blade to prevent ice build-up during a winter storm. You can also use them if you get stuck in the snow. Let us explain. If you get stuck in a snow pile, and your shoes aren't giving you enough traction to push it out, you can pull on those socks (over your shoes!) for help. They'll give you the traction you need to push.

8. Improve headlight visibility

Have bad night vision? Improving your headlight visibility will help. It's important that you can see driving at night, especially in the winter. You can purchase a headlight cleaning kit at your local auto parts store or you can choose the do-it-yourself method. Grab some toothpaste and scrub each headlight. Rinse with warm water and see the difference.

9. Keep an emergency kit on hand

Keeping an emergency kit on hand can be a lifesaver if you get stuck in a winter storm. Pack a small bag to keep in your trunk. Include a warm blanket, matches, granola bars, a flashlight, hand warmers, and bottles of water. Hopefully, you never have to use it, but it's always good to be prepared!

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