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How to Protect Your Car From Winter Without a Garage

Let's face it: winter can be brutal on your vehicle. From cold temperatures to inclement weather, you can almost expect a bit of damage to be made to your Subaru if it's left outdoors. Ideally, it's best to put your car in a garage during the Seattle winter-but, what if you don't have the space? You'll have to find another way to protect your car.

How to Protect Your Car From Winter Without A Garage - 5 Tips

If parking your car in a garage or carport isn't an option this winter, it's best to take extra steps to protect your vehicle from the cold temperatures and winter storms. Here are 5 safety measures you can take.

Protect your glass

First off, it can be a real chore to get all the snow and ice off your windshield before heading out on a chilly winter morning. Invest in a windshield snow cover-this barrier between your glass and the snow can make your life easier when you don't have a garage. Covering your glass can allow for quick takeoff, but more importantly if can help keep it from cracking under the weight of snow and ice. Arm your car with the right tools for an unpredictable winter-you'll thank yourself later!

Safeguard your tires

When left outdoors during the Seattle winter, your car can sit in the snow all night long. Then, driving through salted streets, your car's tires can take a serious beating. Suit up properly with the help of snow chains and snow-specific tires-and avoid slipping and sliding along Seattle's snow-covered streets. Protect your Subaru's tires this winter-and consider replacement for low tread tires before the inclement weather hits.

Be mindful when parking

In winter, it's best to avoid parking under trees and other low-hanging structures. Snow and ice can weigh down this seemingly solid structures...and you may soon find yourself in a bit of a predicament. Don't risk damage to your vehicle, park safely out of harm's way and you (and your Subaru!) should be just fine.

Prepare backup

Cold weather brings many challenges for your vehicle-including dead batteries. Bitter cold temperatures can easily zap weak car batteries, so you always want to be prepared with a backup plan. Jumping off your car might be necessary if you find yourself in an emergency situation-and if no other cars are in sight, what are you to do? Consider purchasing a portable power station. This tiny device can jump off your car all by itself and get you out of an icy situation quickly.

Cover it up

If you plan to leave your car outdoors for any extended period of time, consider investing in a car cover. Car covers can shield your Subaru from the elements-like sun, wind, rain, hail, and snow. When it comes to finding the best cover for winter, remember that water resistance is of utmost importance.

Having Car Trouble This Winter? Come See Us At Suburb Service Near Seattle

Not having a garage for your car in the winter doesn't mean that your Subaru is a lost cause. Follow our advice above and your car will survive the bitter cold months, too. Maintaining upkeep is another important step in ensure your car will survive the winter-have you scheduled your maintenance appointment this winter? Schedule an oil change, tire rotation, or state inspection with us. Having car trouble? We can help with any Subaru repairs, replacements, or simply calm your worries with a visual inspection.

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