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How to Get Your Car Ready For Fall

Fall is the perfect time to admire the changing leaves and savor a cup of hot apple cider-but, before you begin enjoying the crisp air, don't wait to check this one thing off your list: prepare your car for cooler weather. How do you prepare your car for fall? Look and listen.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Car For Cooler Weather

Fall weather in Seattle isn't quite as brutal as the winter-but we like to look at the cooler temperatures as a preparation period. Prepare your car for winter in the fall to prevent problems down the road. How? Follow these 5 steps in September or October to set yourself (and your Subaru!) up for success.

1. Check your tires.

Your tires might just be the most important part of your car to check as you head into icy road season. In the fall, you should make sure that the tread on your tires is still up to par. You'd rather know now that your tires might slip and slide than when it's too late. Let us check out your tires if you're not sure!

2. Test the battery.

Walking out to your car to find a dead battery is not ideal when the weather gets chilly. A fully charged battery is absolutely necessary to start your car in the fall and winter. With no way to stay warm while you wait for help to arrive, you're sure to find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Testing the battery ahead of time can assure you that your Subaru can stand the test of a cold winter's night.

3. Make sure the brakes are functioning.

Good brakes can save you from a lot of sticky situations-even in inclement weather. But bad brakes? They can cause more harm than good. During your regular maintenance inspection make sure your servicer checks on your brakes-it's usually included in your regular service but there's no harm in asking for a second look. Think you need to replace your brakes? Check here for the signs that your brakes might be overused.

4. Change your oil.

To achieve optimal performance of your car as temperatures cool off, get your oil changed. We recommend changing your oil every 5,000 miles or so (depending on the type of oil your Subaru uses). If you can change it right before cool weather comes, that's ideal. Changes in weather can stress your engine and stress your oil, so a fresh quart is always a good idea.

5. Stow away winter emergency gear.

If your car breaks down in the summer, you could roll down the windows and comfortably wait on a tow truck. During a Seattle winter, it's a different story. Add some winter emergency gear-like a blanket, gloves, winter coat, and flashlight-to your car's emergency kit. These items can help keep you from shivering in the dark while awaiting help. Need additional tips for surviving a snowstorm? Read here.

Need A Professional To Prep Your Car For Fall? Call Suburb Service Near Seattle, WA

Looking for a professional to prepare your Subaru for the upcoming fall season? As cool weather arises, it's best to prep your vehicle for the change in temperatures now rather than later. You can enjoy apple picking and getting outdoors throughout the Pacific Northwest without having the worry about your car this year.

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