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How to Get Your Car Ready for Ski Season

How to Get Your Car Ready for Ski Season

Winter is coming-and, for someone like you, it's almost time for some outdoor adventure. In preparing for the ski and snowboard pre-season, you've probably thought about purchasing new boots, picking out the latest gear, or revving up your winter wardrobe with just the right outerwear. But, don't fail to remember an important part of prepping for ski season: your car.

As your weekends will soon turn to 3-day ski trips, you want to prepare your car now. Make sure it's ready to load up all of your gear and prepared to tackle snowy travels. Here's how.

5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Ski Season

Add on chains

First thing's first: make sure your tires are in excellent condition before traveling on icy terrain. Old tires or ones with worn out tread should be replaced before traveling too far in winter. Have great tires? Maybe consider adding on snow chains for additional support. A simple set of modern snow chains can be installed in just a few minutes and can save you on slippery mountain roads.

Test your defrost

Make sure your heat and defrost is ready to rock and roll. You don't want to be chipping ice off your windshield because of a faulty defrost button. Avoid technical difficulties by identifying any problems now. Defrost or heating malfunctions can be a quick fix at your local mechanic shop.

Invest in roof storage

Of all the sports gear, skis and snowboards might be some of the longest to carry-especially inside of your car. Even if you own an SUV, you're going to want the extra room for guest or weekend bags, so investing in roof storage just makes sense. Thankfully, there are plenty of great choices in roof-mounted carriers for skis and snowboards. Don't have a roof rack on your Subaru? Consider having one installed to free up space and carry your skis with ease.

Install new floor liners

Snowboarding and skiing is fun-but, the aftermath of snow melting into your cloth floormats and seats isn't ideal. Don't destroy your car's carpets with melting snow, salt, and dirty slush. Instead, place some tray-type, plastic floor liners to contain any mess.

Pack a winter storm kit

In the Pacific Northwest, winter storms can be brutal. And, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Let's say your car won't start. In this event, you'll need a few essentials like food, water, a flashlight, and some blankets just to name a few. Here, we tell you everything you should include in your winter car kit.

Ski Season Maintenance at Suburb Service near Seattle, WA

When preparing your car for ski season, you want to make sure it has all the working bells and whistles. Bring in your Subaru to Suburb Service today for regular maintenance service or a quick repair. Getting you and your Subaru back on the slopes is our ultimate goal-so we'll have your car up and running at optimal capacity in no time. Give us a call today at (206) 705-8695 or schedule an appointment online. Show your Subaru some love.