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How to Prepare Your Car for Summer

Summer is all about taking your Subaru on an adventure. Whether you're taking out-of-town guests to see the best scenic views in Seattle or you're heading off into nature for a Saturday hike, you'll need a car you can rely on. Here's how to prepare your car for the summer so you can enjoy more and worry less.

6 Tips for Preparing Your Car For Warm Weather

1. Check your AC

In summer, no one-and we repeat no one-wants to drive around with a broken AC. The first step in preparing your car for the summer is to check your AC and make sure it's working. If the air doesn't' feel as cool as it should, have a professional check the refrigerant.

2. Test your tires

As the temperatures begin to warm, you may notice a change in tire pressure-don't be alarmed. External forces, like cool morning temperatures, can have an effect. If your tire pressure light stays on after your morning commute, check the air pressure. If they are low, fill them up as soon as possible.

Also, before taking your car on a long road trip, you'll want to assess the tire tread, too. You can do this at home with the penny or nickel test.

3. Change your oil

Oil changes are essential to any working vehicle. If you are planning a road trip out of state or heading off on a long weekend hike, It is important to check the oil level first. We recommend following your Subaru owner's manual for advice on how often you should have your oil changed-although it is usually every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.

4. Peek under the hood

Every so often-especially before a period of frequent driving-you'll want to have a professional peak under the hood of your Subaru. If you're a car fanatic or know a little something about Subaru models you can also pop the hood and have a look around yourself. During this inspection, look for cracked pipes, loose caps, and debris. See suspicious activity? It's best to have it repaired now while your car is still operating.

5. Replace your wipers

Summer brings sunshine to Seattle...but it can also bring with it lots of summer rain showers. Cold, snowy winters in the Pacific Northeast can wear on your wiper blades; you will need to replace them to prepare your car for summer. While you are inspecting your windshield wipers, remember to top off your wiper fluid, too.

6. Update your emergency kit

Lastly, make sure you update your car's emergency kit with summer essentials. Not unlike your winter emergency kit, you should always have with you a flashlight, blanket, pressure gauge, first-aid kit, and light sticks. Make sure you have plenty of bottled water too-this will help you stay hydrated if you ever get stranded in the summer heat.

Suburb Service: Top-Rated Subaru Maintenance Near Seattle

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