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How to Remove Bumper Stickers from Your Car

You've added a bumper sticker to your car...but now you're regretting it. Your son didn't make the honor roll this year. You've decided you're a little too old to showcase your former sorority letters Your politics don't quite align with what you're showing off on the road.

Whatever the case, you need to know how to remove bumper stickers from your car with ease. Here's how to do so safely-and without leaving sticky residue on your Subaru!

Tips on How to Remove Bumper Stickers from Your Car

Removing bumper stickers from your car isn't quite as easy as putting them on. Here are 3 tips to make it a little easier on you-and your car!

Grab your hair dryer and get to work. Adding heat to a bumper sticker will reactivate and loosen the adhesive on the back. First, soak a rag or sponge in hot water (boiling prefered!) and hold it on the bumper sticker for one to two minutes. Then, blow the hair dryer directly on the bumper sticker. Start at one corner and move across. Once you apply heat, you should be able to gently peel back the bumper sticker and remove it.

What you'll need: Hair dryer and soaked rag/sponge

Use WD40

If you're worried about how the heat will affect your car, try WD40 or another lubricant, instead. Rub the lubricant over the bumper sticker and give it five minutes to set in. Once you've peeled up some of the sticker, you should be able to rub extra lubricant along the bottom of the sticker to reactivate and loosen the adhesive. If you need help prying up the sticker, use a credit card or object with a flat edge.

Try white vinegar

White vinegar is a miracle in terms of natural home cleaning products-so, why not try it out on the car, too? It has some potent adhesive-removal properties, so it's an ideal (and all natural!) way to remove bumper stickers from your car. Rub it on, let it soak, then peel the bumper sticker from the car. To get rid of leftover adhesive, you can use rubbing alcohol.

What you'll need: White vinegar, cotton balls, and rubbing alcohol

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