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Is Your Car Shaking? Common Problems That Cause Cars to Vibrate

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility. At first, a new car offers an easy, care-free way to get around town...then, it gets older. At some point in its life, there's a good chance you'll develop some car problems. For many drivers, one of the most common problems to experience is your vehicle shaking while accelerating or braking. Bothersome vibrations can be a minor fix or they can be a major nuisance.

Whatever the case, you're probably wondering: why is my car shaking? And, what can I do to stop it? Here's how.

What's Causing My Car To Shake? And, How To Fix It

Many car shakes and vibrations can be due to a minor tire issue. In that case, a simple tire rotation or balancing procedure will solve your car shaking woes. In more serious cases, car vibrations and annoying shakes can be due to one of the following issues:

Tire Problems

If you're jumping to conclusions, start with the tires. Unbalanced tires is one of the most common reasons for a car to shake. Out-of-balance tires can cause the steering wheel to shake when it reaches speeds higher than 55 miles per hour. If it's a tire issue, simple take a quick trip to Suburb Service and we can rotate, replace, or realign your tires-you should notice an immediate difference once we assess and repair your vehicle.

Engine Problems

If you find that your Subaru is shaking, it could also have something to do with the engine. Spark plugs and the engine's air filter could be the more specific culprit-but, our best guess would be to check your air filters. Spark plugs last quite a while (typically 100,000 miles if properly maintained!), but the air filter can get dirty and deprive the engine of the oxygen or fuel it needs to operate efficiently. If it's correlated to the engine, you might notice your engine light come on.

Brake Problems

Is the vibration occurring when you apply pressure to your brakes? If so, the shaking could be If related to your car's front brake rotors. Every so often, the brake pads and rotors on the front disc brakes need to be replaced. Over time, your car's rotors can become warped-and a warped rotor could be cause for your car's shaking. The best solution is brake replacement-although, we only recommend replacement after 50,000. If you're worried this could be the problem, ask your mechanic to visually inspect your brake pads and rotors at your next maintenance visit.

Choose Suburb Service For Simple Subaru Repairs & Maintenance Near Seattle, WA

It's easy to ignore little shakes and vibrations when they first catch your attention. Diagnosing car trouble can be a hassle at first...but you'll quickly learn that it's worth it to catch small problems before they become larger messes. Spending on small auto repairs and maintenance now can help save you from bigger car trouble (and more costly repairs!) down the road.

That's why at Suburb Service we recommend regular maintenance every 6 months or so to our Subaru owners. At our Seattle location, we offer preventative maintenance service, regular oil changes, and repair services for when things don't go as planned. Contact us at (206) 705-8695 to learn more or schedule an appointment today! Show your Subaru some love.