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Our Guide to Surviving Seattle's Darkness

With plenty of things to love and few things to loathe, Seattle locals can all agree: Seattle goes dark in winter-and, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real thing.

Because Seattle is further north than most other cities in the Pacific Northwest, the change of season and daylight savings time don't allow for quite as many daylight hours. If you just moved to Seattle, you have to learn to take care of yourself this winter. And, if you're a local, you might need a refresher on self-care tips.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to cope with the darkness.

Here's how the locals survive winter in Seattle!

Be proactive

Understand that the Seattle darkness is a real thing. Many people (especially in cities close to the North and South Pole!) experience changes in mood and behavior during less sunny times of the year. If the winter weather has affected your mood in the past, don't wait. Be proactive and know what gets you motivated-then, do those things this season!

Enjoy the coffee scene

Seattle is the coffee capital. Need a boost of energy to perk you up during the cold, dark, rainy season? Grab a cup "o Joe!

Take a yoga or workout class

Get up and get moving in a cardio class. Or, calm yourself down and just breathe at a local yoga studio. Whatever takes your mind off the Seattle winter and centers your mind on the things that matter-your health and well-being-is good for you this season!

Protect your car

Nothing will make you sadder than needing a car repair. To avoid any bad omens during the Seattle darkness, make sure you winterize your car before it gets too cold. Don't know how to prepare your car for winter? Here are a few tips for winterizing your vehicle.

Plan a tropical vacation

Get away from the city for a week or so. If you have the luxury of planning a family vacation, hit the road South or fly out somewhere tropical. Trust us-a week-long sunny vacation in the middle of March is the ultimate cure to surviving a Seattle winter.

Take a Vitamin D supplement

Talk to your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet-but chances are they are going to agree. We get Vitamin D from spending time in the sun...and when there's little sun in Seattle, you're likely not getting enough.

Spend time with friends and family

You've heard the saying misery loves company...well so do Seattle locals during the winter. Getting through a tough time (yes, especially a dark Seattle winter) is easier when you have a community to back you up. Make plans with friends regularly and hold each other accountable for showing up. Community makes you happier-and the happier you are, the faster winter will end...maybe!

Suburb Service is Your Go-To Seattle Subaru Shop

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