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Why You Should Wash Your Car During Winter

From frigid temperatures to snowy commutes, Winter can be rough for us Seattle folk-but did you know it can also be rough on your car?

Salt covered roads and dirty snow don't do a lot to help your Subaru stay clean in the winter. Often, the elements can make your car nearly unrecognizable. Washing your car in winter might seem counter-productive-it's just going to get dirty again the second you take it out of the garage-but it's actually quite beneficial. Here are three reasons why.

3 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Car During Winter

Do you think washing your car during winter is a silly idea? Here are three reasons why it's actually brilliant.

1. To make sure it doesn't rust.

Winter comes with a lot of rain, fog, sleet, slush, and snow. At the onset of winter weather, precipitation picks up all of the nasty air particles and ground soot as it lands. Then, the dirt and grime that comes along with the rain, snow, or sleet can build up on your car.

To put it simply, these deposits of dirt and grime are quite harmful to your vehicles exterior paint and metalwork. If it sits too long, soot can cause the onset of rust, which, if left unwashed, will eat away at your car's exposed paint or metalwork.

2. To stay safe on the road.

Having a clean car during the winter also means having a clean windshield. Inclement weather-like rain, snow, or sleet, can leave soot on your car and impair your visibility. Cleaning your car regularly during the winter will allow you a chance to wipe away any obstruction to your view and help you stay safer on the roads.

If you want to double your safety during the winter, don't forget to pack an emergency kit for your car. As scary as it sounds, it's not uncommon to become stranded in a winter storm in the Pacific Northwest. Here's our guide on what to pack in your winter emergency kit.

3. And, to maintain it's appearance.

Winter is when everyone tends to give up on their cars appearance. Washing your car is for the summer months, right? Wrong. Washing your car during the winter gives you access to the benefits already discussed, but it's also nice to maintain appearances. If you want your Subaru to be the best looking car on the block, you should definitely wash your car this winter.

Need To Winterize Your Subaru? Choose Suburb Service Near Seattle, WA

Keeping your car maintained in the winter doesn't just apply to its exterior. Before it gets too cold, it's best to winterize your Subaru-which means you should change the fluids, inspect your tires, and check the battery ASAP.

Need help? We're always here. Suburb Service offers excellent maintenance and repair service to Subaru owners in and around the Seattle area. To schedule a maintenance appointment or to schedule a repair service, contact us at (206) 705-8695 or fill out our online appointment request form. Show your Subaru some love.